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“Facebook is the leading digital storefront restaurants”. Interview with Juan José Sánchez, FaceClub CEO of Social Media


“Facebook is the social network broader user, and that allows us full control over our campaigns”, Explain Juan José Sánchez, FaceClub CEO of Social Media.

In this interview for our newspaper, Sanchez shares his knowledge and experience on how restaurants can get and increase their reserves properly using this medium, because "the Facebook page is our digital showcase“.

Sanchez also participated in #ExpoHip2018. It was part of #TeatroDigital who led @diegocoquillat during the three days of this great event # Innovation Horeca sector in Madrid.

QUESTION: What are the keys to get reservations at Facebook?

ANSWER: We must take into account several aspects. Must be work the Fanpage From Facebook steadily. It is our main digital display. On the Facebook page should be All detailed information our restaurant (Location, phone, Web page, schedule as well as email and contact details).
The photographs we publish should be well cared. must be uploaded quality photos our dishes.

When the user finds us on Facebook, looking data and see the letter. This should be in different formats and should be visible on the mobile. For it, Facebook has an option called 'Menu’ which lets you upload the letter in different formats.

We must create events. Events are an important tool to present our restaurant. These events can be easily viralizados, and also may to promote Facebook Ads. We must also be able to publish periodically without abusing deals.

P: Are the restaurants should include websites that allows them to make conversions?

R: The publications call to action They are very important for this we must set the button to book through our own website.

We have our web conditions for the user who arrives there the final step. If our website does not work, the effort will not be worth it. we can not forget the Apps, they must also be on our website.

P: Between the payment options and free options for reservations in Facebook, why they work better the second?

R: Because they reach more people. Because you can do a segmentation. The user receiving the announcement, a user is already defined by parameters such as age, pleasures, specific geographic location…, It is therefore essential.

Y, second, organically because we will achieve, for example, thousand people who may or may not be that segmentation, and payment options we will reach many people, but segmented and with a series of data.

Facebook is the social network with wider user, and that allows us full control over our campaigns.

They work great local campaigns. The local is the holy grail online. those campaigns also work very well where interest segmentation is used, because it is aimed at people who like what we are offering.

An important aspect to consider is that care must be taken to launch the ad in hours of decision, useless to the user to see when you have already eaten or eaten.

P: What do you know about millennials restaurants to optimize their reserves?

R: Fundamentally they have to have all platforms that use, whether social networks, o web, hundred percent optimized for mobile.

The millenial gives meaning to the mobile. The millenial rarely enters a PC to make a reservation at a restaurant.

Likewise, the web is optimized, the design is unique to web, and that Social networks also contain all the information (phone number, location, schedule). Let's say that we put everything on a plate!

Facebook messenger It is the most used by millennials. It is very important that the response time of the booking request is less than 30 minutes, customers are not willing to wait.

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