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Facebook patented a system that predicts the movement of a client when approaching a restaurant


If you think you already know all encroachments Facebook in your private life, You could not be more deluded. The latest company strategy Mark Zuckerberg is a motion prediction system with the social network wants to know our position at all times even if you have no internet connection our phone.

Although the technology is at the moment in its earliest stage, because it is only a concept for which it has just approved a patent (the number 20180352383 US. UU.). Facebook calls it as "Offline Trajectories"; Or what is the same, paths offline.

The intent of the technology seems to be the preloading information relevant to the user in gifted points network coverage to energize the display of content. A) Yes, concept to reality, the user could run through areas where their data rate does not reach, but would have the necessary information as soon as I returned to connect to the Internet, without connection delays between servers.

If the idea will become reality or not it is another story. Nicole Nguyen, reporter BuzzFeed the giant questioned about the patent last December, and the answer was as follows: "We presented patents scores of things that ultimately do not implement '. Not really evasive answer the question.

The idea that a Facebook user can not lose sight of the intensive monitoring that the great efe performed on each of their accounts even if you have your open profile or disconnected from the Internet is the less disturbing.

Despite growing tensions government appeared in recent years, the strong slowdown in growth of the platform and the degradation of the opinion of your audience, Facebook is still in its thirteen when creating technologies that leave no loophole for privacy.

Clear why. If the system were to operate with a high success rate, could serve to forcing notifications on mobile terminals Facebook users that made reference to businesses that are in the predicted trajectory (and in fact the user would travel), with a consequent increase sales for businesses from taking advantage of the service that. A new type of marketing geo which would affect even those who decide to spend part of their day offline.

Imagine a case applied to restoration, step following the flowchart of patent.

First It would determine what was the last position in which the user was online Facebook. This can be accomplished by various methods: IP location, EXIF data from a photograph uploaded to the social network, permissions granted to some app third associated with Facebook, or simply by location relative to the antenna that provides signal.

Then likely path would be calculated to make User. This can be achieved by compiling and analyzing information collected by Facebook: messages, friends, pleasures, schedules, etc.

If Facebook CALCULASE our chance to go to the other end of the city it is high, and that this most likely is that we took one meter, another would run statistical computation to figure out what is the probability that at some point along the way we run out of coverage.

evidently, with a sufficiently robust data base it would not be very complicated that the social network would understand that the critical points on this trip are the entrance and exit of the metro.

Suppose in the underground subway station had a restaurant that has been discharged from the tracking service offline From Facebook. It is not unreasonable to think that, before going down the stairs stop and lose line of sight with the base station antennas that allow internet connection, was forced a notification on the mobile user unprepared. Geolocated and a time limit would be powerfully persuasive discount.

A) Yes, It is attend a revival of marketing geo.

The possibilities are endless, but equally abundant are the concerns that generated when the news has been made public. If the technology becomes functional, We have no doubt that Facebook It will do its utmost to get the maximum performance. To become available, would be a great marketing tool for restaurants and other commercial businesses.

However users would recommend them to leave their phone behind because, increasingly, Facebook seems to star in a chapter Black Mirror in real life.

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