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Facyre organizes the second edition of 'Food is feminine'


What is the role of women in gastronomy? On the occasion of International Women's Day, FACYRE (Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain) and the NGO Women in Equality They have organized a meeting to reflect on the role of women in our sector. The initiative, held the 6 Platea March in Madrid, They have joined some of the most prominent chefs current dining scene and different personalities of the gastronomic world and political.

The event will begin at 11 hours welcome and presentation of Teresa del Campo (protagonist and his own radio broadcaster which broadcasts the program APP Breakfast at Tiffany's). As a first dish, will take place 'Interview with Rosa Vañó ', founding partner and commercial director Castles Canena, who will have his career and how he got into position. From Jaén, Vañó has much to offer on gastronomy and AOVEs. It is a woman who has placed the olive world in high esteem. Then, intervene recognized Susi Diaz, owns Restaurant La Finca de Elche, with 'Story of a chef'. With his two grandmothers as inspiration since childhood, Diaz has always prided itself on being self-taught and is an example of overcoming. As confirmed by the Michelin Star and two Suns Repsol treasured.



Later, It will take place what has been called 'The line Chipirón', in which Clavo Food Factory, the company dedicated to high-end products, It will project a video-documentary on the line chipirón. Clove is a company in which the 90% the operatives are women, especially focused on this product. In the documentary tell us your thoughts and experiences.

Then, Prizes will be awarded Head y Sommelier. He restaurant Sotón sale You will receive the award with his sommelier in front Ana Acín, has been able to reach the top with the help of the gastronomic heritage that precedes. Always under the philosophy "quality should be above everything".

The meeting will culminate in a round table in which common and will discuss the role of women in the world of gastronomy. For it, will feature the voice and experience of several women leaders in the sector: Cristina Moreno, director of Diocarnes; Barbara Buenache, chef and president of ACYRE Madrid; Marta de Miguel, scientist CSIC; Maria Salinas: Secretary of ASCAIB and Chef Maria Salinas Restaurant; Eva Ballarín, director of HIP; and Carmen Bañobre, director of macro (Palma de Mallorca).


By last, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of Spain, Isabel García Tejerina, intervene to put the finishing touch and closing the event. all It will be broadcast live from Instagram- Stories of Teresa Del Campo.

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