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Facyre grants Excellence Awards Gastronómica Cubi 2018


III edition of the Cubi Awards

The ceremony was attended by some of the most important chefs of Madrid's gastronomic scene

He 14 January was held the III edition of the Gastronomic Excellence Awards Cubi, event which recognizes the work of important personalities who have worked in favor of Spanish cuisine without being directly linked to this.

The #PremiosCubi They recognized the work of professionals from different areas such as the economy, scientific research, health and sustainability among other. Representing the Madrid cuisine chefs attended as Ramón Freixa, Diego Guerrero, Pedro Larumbe, Oops Muñoz, Ricardo Sanz and Oscar Velasco who were responsible for presenting the awards.

a very exciting moment when Joan Roca lived also received the award on behalf of his mother Montserrat Fontané for having devoted a lifetime to culinary excellence.

The event was hosted by presenter Pepe Ribagorda and developed in the emblematic Florida Retirement, where many chefs, businessmen, media and friends gathered Facyre.

Flamenco artist Pitingo He was in charge of livening up the audience with their songs both flamenco and soul.


  1. Cubi Gastronomy and Tourism Award:
  • Sr. Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization.
  • "By promoting the role of gastronomy as a tourist motor."
  • delivery award: Mario Sandoval, President Facyre
  1. Cubi Award for dissemination and projection of Spanish cuisine
  • Ana Rosa Quintana, Journalist, TV presenter and businesswoman.
  • "For his work on the dissemination and projection of Spanish cuisine in television."
  • delivery Award: Oops Muñoz, The Qüenco Pepa.
  1. Gastronomy Award and Research Cubi:
  • Rosa María Menéndez López, President of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) (Luke Jesus picked Marco, Vice President of CSIC).
  • "For the work of the CIAL in the development of quality scientific research in the area of ​​Food Science and Technology."
  • delivery Award: Diego Guerrero, restaurant DSTAgE.
  1. Cubi Impulse gastronomic award:
  • HIP. Hospitality Innovation Planet Horeca Professional Expo. Albert Planas, Director General NEBEXT.
  • "For the most innovative event the HORECA channel."
  • delivery Award: Oscar Velasco, Restaurante Santceloni.
  1. Cubi Gastronomy Prize and Economics:
  • Antonio Garamendi, President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations. CEOE
  • "For support within the hospitality industry."
  • delivery Award: Ramón Freixa, Ramón Freixa restaurant.
  1. Cubi Healthy Food Award:
  • Mario Alonso Puig, Doctor, Surgeon, former professor at Harvard University and professor at IE Business School.
  • "By promoting healthy habits and the relationship between thought and food."
  • delivery Award: Joan Roca, El Celler de Can Roca.
  1. Cubi Gastronomy and Law Award:
  • European Association of Law and Gastronomy. Alfredo Gómez Acebo, partner of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo and secretary of the European Association of Law and Gastronomy.
  • "For his work in the promotion of comprehensive protection legislation affecting the food and the industry."
  • delivery Award: Ricardo Sanz, Restaurante Kabuki.
  1. Cubi Gastronomy Award and sustainability:
  • ECOEMBES. Angel Hervella, Director of local and regional management of Ecoembes.
  • "By its draft separate collection of light packaging in the HORECA channel."
  • delivery Award: Susi Diaz, The farm.
  1. a lifetime to gastronomy:
  • Montserrat Fontané (He picked Joan Roca).
  • "Having devoted a lifetime to gastronomic excellence."
  • delivery Award: Rafael Anson, President of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy.
  1. gastronomic promotion:
  • Repsol guide. Mary Ritter, Director General of Communication Repsol Guide.
  • "For the promotion of national cuisine and gastroturísticas routes."
  • delivery Award: Pedro Larumbe, He 38 the Larumbe.

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