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Fast food orgánica, the new trend of successful restaurants


You not always have enough time to taste the concept of slow food and so sometimes we go to fast food restaurants. It's not just a matter of time, we know that this supposed change quickly going to eat a meal also lower quality. But why settle for this loss of flavor and nutrients, when we could enjoy a fastfood organic menu without even leaving the car?

In a society increasingly committed to sustainability, no longer arise business opportunities able to attract new stomachs without forgetting concepts so far, they seemed at odds: quality and immediacy. This has been done Amy’s Kitchen in United States, which he has led organic fast food to another level, It is the first facility of its kind that allows to collect orders from the car window.

However, in their first weeks, queues to get their treats exceeded 15 minutes Standby. Although not surprising, because in a few months, without neglecting their marketing strategies in social networks, succulent pictures of their dishes in love Instagram and more than 26.000 followers.

The secret lies in the raw material

Every year, Amy’s Kitchen compra 69.000 tons of organic raw materials and transforms daily in 72.000 products for its customers. His "Recipe Sustainability"lies, according to the American company itself, in "the welfare of our employees and communities, our suppliers and farmers; and people who eat our food because They are our guide in the work we do every day ".

Of course, organic recipe and genetically modified ingredients in any case has much of the blame. comparative studies made between organic and non-organic food reveal that the former has antioxidants more components related to good health, as well as lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides.

exist Relevant factors driving the balance against non-organic foods, and those genetically modified. Of course, They are not at all friendly to the environment, but it has also been shown to affect antibiotic resistance in humans, besides generating conflicts of economic nature because it is patented products.

That without addressing factors like the taste of the food itself. It is considered proven that Organic foods are home to more taste, well come from sustainable farms and encourage local producers.

The consumer is more aware of these differential elements. Thus, opts for environmentally friendly and healthy products. And every time you have more chances to enjoy that diet without sacrificing aspects such as waiting time in the restaurant.

A twist on fast food

It has already been written before about how to take the step to convert a business in an organic restaurant and the growing success of organic fast food. The first US facility to be certified by the USDA with that label was Organic Coup, en Pleasanton, California. Now is a strong chain in full expansion.

This recipe for success has already hatched by world, and Spain is no stranger to the trend. features a chain of organic production insuperable, and many establishments “of lifelong”, who they had taken the label slow food and have been stepping to offer its customers the best of the nearest garden in each case.

There are examples in almost all major cities. Recently it opened in full Castellana in Madrid Organic Market & Food. A transverse space with ecological aspect care what, among other things, It offers the possibility of takeout orders.

He Kimpira, in Valencia, is another restaurant that goes beyond the concept of drive-thru and it offered to take home their menus. Spanish territory also we can find the Grace Organic Market from Barcelona, besides organic shop, It offers all kinds of delicacies with green label to take away.

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