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February of 2017: Calendar of Actions Marketing for Restaurants


February arrives, a month where sales down by a certain percentage in many restaurants having less days, but also we can find dates that are very productive for most of the businesses in our country, and that the hotel can also take advantage.

In February we have some holidays and celebrations and deeply rooted tradition that can become an increase in turnover in our restaurant during those days. In the article this month, we suggest some marketing ideas that at that time you can to maximize profits from your local.

The most famous festival for lovers: Valentine's Day

You need no introduction, and surely you got thinking about what you do in your restaurant 14 February. This year falls on a Tuesday, the day when the statistics say it's the worst week for the hospitality industry, so that will great to increase turnover and change the numbers

If you are a romantic restaurant, all you need is to to increase your visibility actions so that your business is selected by couples that day. For it, It uses all channels you have to promote yourself as social networks, Web page, and both online and offline ads.

In addition to this, we recommend developing a menu with a fixed price that includes drink, and has one touch Special Valentine. In order to differentiate yourself from the enormous offer that your prospects will see during those days, adds details that make the difference.

A different dessert that date, a musician playing the piano or saxophone background, a champagne appetizer, a special decoration in your living room for couples to feel at ease, a limousine service for your clients Night, unforgettable, etc. You do not have to assume higher spending but on the contrary, to be investment to increase your revenue.

You can give a detail to each table to deliver the account, some chocolates presented in a nice way, or a flyer with which invite them to enter a sweepstakes that gives them the chance to win a free dinner for two at another date.

What if your business is not the most romantic, You can get around that day to make it attractive to the characteristics of your audience. For example, If your restaurant is family, arises in your promotion option celebrate Valentine Family. Many young couples with small children and can not, or do not want- leave their children by someone else, they go to dinner with them. You can take advantage of this situation to your advantage.

It may be that your local is a bar where most customers come for an aperitif, think about What can you offer them that night to come to your business a drink before going to dinner, a glass of champagne to celebrate Valentine invitation or sexy top with cane snack can be an interesting announcement to encourage them to visit.

February, Carnival month

In Spain the most famous carnivals are those of Cadiz and Tenerife, in these cities hospitality businesses will have an excellent billing without doing much, although it never hurts to take action to differentiate yourself from the rest, be more attractive and fill your tables first.

Nevertheless, Carnivals are held throughout the country and is a great opportunity for many businesses. Can organize the typical costume party for him 23 or the weekend following, in which even your staff will be dressed and local tune with the occasion, and if space permits, liven up the party with a live orchestra.

You can also add some attractive action as a mixologist for those days at night, announce a deal on the price of the cups, a chirigota enters a case at your local at specific time, or if a family space, a clown or entertainer who do activities with the children and tell them stories about the carnival.

You can also organize a theme party costumes (Venetian carnival, StarWars, etc), I a contest prize to disguise receive more applause from the audience. Remember that the prize, if possible has to be a dinner or anything else you should enjoy your own restaurant.

Loveyourpet Day, or the day of love your pet

This is a celebration held in the United States the day 20, but you can also use it to your advantage and even take to perform a social action for the benefit of animals.

There are many locals who support the entry of pets, if the case of your restaurant, Announce this day in your promotional channels and make something different for owners of these animals visit you. One option is to make a market with the sale of craft items for pets; offer, with minimum consumption, a different kind of snack for each pet, or give a nice dish for food animals.

If you have a Polaroid hand, one of your waiters can go to each group taking pictures with your pet and obsequiársela. And you can even allocate a percentage of your profits to a foundation that is dedicated to the animal protection, This way you get better visibility responsible brand and significantly increase your engagement with all those supporters or animal lovers, a very large and active current Social Networks.

These are just some suggestions that you do this month, but if you look at the calendar, You will see that there are other interesting dates as different pig slaughter, you can take to bring products to your restaurant and Chef's offer; or delivery of the Oscar film awards, day when you can make a special menu, and even re-transmit the gala if your local closes late.

The International Book Giving Day can organize a literary hangout at your restaurant offering free drinks if they bring a book, or any other promotion. Also in February Pizza Day is celebrated and although it is a tradition from the US, you can bring to your business and offer pizza or derivatives: any excuse is valid to encourage your customers and followers in social networks.

Take advantage of everything in your favor, and tell us how it go, we as always we offer a place full ephemeris and alternative calendar that you can use to attract more customers, and increase the popularity of your restaurant. Choose the ones you like and ... you have a very productive month!

February Calendar 2017

calendar - febrero17February 2017: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

Day 1

  • National Day Decorating with Candy (#usa)

Day 2

  • National Pancake Day (#usa)

Day 3

  • Moors and Christians Valencia (until the day 7)

Day 4

  • National Day Homemade Soup (#usa)
  • Ice Cream Day Breakfast

Day 5

  • National Day Fondue of chocolate (#usa)
  • World Nutella Day
  • National Day of person time

Day 6

  • National Day Frozen Yogurt

Day 7

  • Day of “send a letter to a friend”

Day 8

  • Guijuelo massacre, Salamanca (until the day 26)
  • Lovers day potato
  • Boy Scout Day

Day 9

  • International Opera Day

Day 10

  • National Brownie Day (#usa)

Day 11

  • Day "to a friend"
  • Day "satisfied Single"

Day 12

  • Party killing, Aradles Málaga

Day 13

  • National Day of Italian food (#usa)

Day 14

  • Valentine's Day
  • International Book Giving Day

Day 16

  • National Almond Day (#usa)

Day 17

  • World Human Spirit Day

Day 18

  • National day drinking wine (#usa)
  • National Day Chocolate with Mint (#usa)

Day 20

  • LoveYourPet Day

Day 22

  • National Margarita Day (beverage) (#usa)

Day 23

  • Carnival (#esp)

Day 26

  • Oscars Academy Awards
  • National Pistachio Day (#usa)

Day 27

  • National Day Strawberry (#usa)
  • Polar Bear Day

Day 28

  • Mardi Grass

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

February 2017: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

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