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February of 2018: Calendar of Actions Marketing for Restaurants


Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year but not, free events and anniversaries to celebrate. further, we are in Valentine month, Valentine's Day, one of the key dates for restaurants, and in which You can benefit to trigger billing for your business.

The month also, has other dates that will put you on a platter conducting marketing activities either from the side of solidarity, or from the memory of traditions, tributes to dishes, etc.

We started a particularly sweet month, since the day 1 is the Day Decorate with candies, Chocolate or Black, what you can play with your desserts and delicious dishes. You have everything from face so that your restaurant is the king of Instagram, if you can come up with some magical dish and well showy.

The day 3 We continue with the pastry and one of the favorite desserts in Europe, the Carrot Cake, one of the defendants currently desserts more, They love even those who hate this vegetable.

Performs some solidarity action in your restaurant

He 4 February, the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer Celebrate World Cancer Day. Your restaurant can join the cause of solidarity in various ways. One of them is create a menu in which one party to the Spanish Association Against Cancer is done (AECC), This way your customers feel they are contributing their bit in the fight against disease. Do not forget to encourage them to share their action in social networks so that more people will pass and gain some visibility.

Changing a little third, It is 4 February also marks the Zombie Pride Day. If you want to do something crazy in your restaurant, You can use the popularity of series like Walking Death, the videogames, comics and other content for young people with this subject for attract millennials to your local.

Celebrates carnival in your restaurant

This year marks the Carnival in the days 12 Y 13 February, falling on Monday and Tuesday, but in some communities are non-school days. In any case, Carnival extend in time and you can use this trick to virtually throughout the month of February. Take advantage carnival days to have a festive atmosphere in your restaurant that invites customers to visit, if a group better. For example, you can do theme nights, in which customers, service and staff come dressed, Mexican, for example, flamingo, etc.

In this aspect, both local decoration, as the preparation of a special menu and go in line with the theme chosen will be crucial.

Early Sunday 4 to Monday 5 It celebrated in the United States the Super Bowl, the end of the National Football League (NFL). It is the leading professional championship football in the U.S, that increasingly has more followers in our country.

Guacamole, onion rings, beer, burgers, chili dogs, nachos ... choose among the most appetizing dishes of American cuisine to attract customers to enjoy the Super Bowl in your business. If you have large screens, You can spend the weekend before passing historical parties other years, since the appointment takes place at dawn, but the eve, You can go a long way for your billing.

He 17 is the Day lattes and the 18 he drinking wine. This will enable the realization of promotions as coffee invite each guest, after the meal 17 and invite a glass of wine with lunch or dinner 18, for example.

These are just some examples of actions that can be performed in a restaurant, cafe or restaurant business throughout the month of February. Safe on the go, yourself will arise many more. Provided they do so with some foresight, It will give you time to prepare them and carry them out.

In any case, we leave the list with the days and the calendar for you to decide what will you offer in your restaurant this February, with all the reasons you have celebration

February Calendar 2018


February of 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants - Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat

Day 1

  • Baked Alaska National Day (#usa)
  • Day decorate with candy (#usa)
  • Day black chocolate (#usa)

Day 2

  • Tater Tot Day (#usa)
  • Pancake Day (#usa)
  • Groundhog Day (#usa)
  • Wetlands Day

Day 3

  • Carrot Cake Day (#usa)
  • Moors and Christians Valencia (until the day 7)

Day 4

  • Day homemade soup (#usa)
  • Day stuffed mushrooms (#usa)
  • Day to thank the postman (#usa)
  • World Cancer Day
  • Zombie Pride Day
  • Carrot Cake Day

Day 5

  • Day Chocolate fonfue (#usa)
  • World Nutella Day
  • Meteorologist day o 'the weatherman' (#usa)
  • Wear Red Day (#usa)

Day 6

  • Day Frozen Yogurt (#usa)
  • Day make ice cream for breakfast (#usa)
  • Day doodle (#usa)
  • International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

Day 7

  • Day alfredo sauce (#usa)
  • Sunday's Super Bowl
  • Day to send a letter to a friend (#usa)

Day 8

  • Lovers day potato (#usa)
  • Day molasses (#usa)
  • Boy Scouts Day (#usa)
  • Kite flying day (#usa)

Day 9

  • Pizza Day (#usa)
  • Dentist Day

Day 10

  • Day take a brownie (#usa)
  • Umbrella Day (#usa)

Day 11

  • Day take your guitar (#usa)
  • Day to a friend (#usa)
  • Day satisfied being alone (#usa)

Day 12

  • Day plum pudding (#usa)
  • Darwin Day
  • Carnival
  • Party killing, Aradles Málaga

Day 13

  • Tortellini Day (#usa)
  • Day Italian food (#usa)
  • Day be madly in love with oneself (#usa)
  • World Radio Day
  • World Day Bachelor

Day 14

  • Valentine's Day
  • Day cream-filled chocolate (#usa)
  • International Day of giving a book
  • International Day of Congenital Heart Disease
  • European Sexual Health Day

Day 15

  • Day want candy (#usa)
  • President's Day (#usa)
  • Hippo day (#usa)
  • International Childhood Cancer Day

Day 16

  • Almond day (#usa)
  • Day do a favor for a grouch (#usa)

Day 17

  • Day lattes (#usa)
  • World Day of the Human Spirit
  • Day random acts of kindness (#usa)

Day 18

  • Day drinking wine (#usa)
  • National Day Chocolate with Mint (#usa)
  • International Asperger Syndrome Day

Day 19

  • Day chocolate mint (#usa)

Day 20

  • Cherry Pie Day (#usa)
  • Love your Pet Day (#usa)
  • World Day of Social Justice
  • Day Cameraman and Photographer

Day 21

  • Day sticky bun (#usa)

Day 22

  • Sweet Potato Day cooking (#usa)
  • Daisy Day (#usa)
  • Day to be humble (#usa)
  • Scout Thinking Day

Day 23

  • Banana Bread Day (#usa)
  • Day tennis (#usa)

Day 24

  • Day nachos (#usa)

Day 25

  • Day chili (#usa)
  • Day clam chowder (#usa)
  • Day chocolate with peanuts (#usa)
  • International Day Cochlear Implant

Day 26

  • Pistachio Day (#usa)
  • Day tell a fairy tale (#usa)

Day 27

  • Day to open that bottle (#usa)
  • Day kahlua, Mexican coffee liqueur (#usa)
  • Strawberry Day (#usa)
  • Bread Day yesterday (#usa)
  • Polar Bear Day (#usa)

Day 28

  • Day of breath of chocolate (#usa)
  • World Day for Rare Diseases

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

February of 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants - Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat

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