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Happy 2012 Y… the best of 2011


I want to wish all my readers a wonderful year 2012 full of hope and happiness, for all of you, to your families and to your friends.

I am aware that I follow with great interest restaurants almost all parts of the world, because, I want to throw a special message for all of them and wish them a 2012 overworked, Happy diners, and creativity.

One of the best ways I can think to dismiss this 2011, which it has been a very important year for this blog, It is to make a compilation of 10 I have published articles most read, I leave here I :

  1. What is Social Media restauranting?
  2. 15 uses of QR codes to a restaurant
  3. As customers of the future of the restaurants will be
  4. 100 reasons to use twitter in a restaurant
  5. The future of the restaurants
  6. How mobile and Apps will influence Restaurants
  7. Social networks cause the restaurant patrons eat and spend more
  8. How to get customers for a restaurant with a website
  9. Social networking strategies for restaurants : 4food case
  10. 100 logos ideas for restaurants

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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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