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Flippy, the robot cooking burgers, gets his first job in a restaurant


Flippy is the expert robot in serving hamburgers is compromising the employment of workers fastfood facing the next decade. If the forecasts initially predicted it would be operational from 2018, it seems that their efficiency and productivity have been sufficient inducements on your resume to a company decide to go for it, Y so give her first job.

Jewel Miso Robotics his work will play first chef in a professional kitchen at the restaurant fast food and casual Caliburger, in Pasadena, the city "birth" of first robot which is incorporated into the labor market. This restaurant, you will have the pleasure of having their services from this year, It has been an investor since the launch of Flippy.

The first robot that will cook hamburgers to US

In fact, According to CEO and co-founder of Miso Robotics David Zito, there are plans to implement more robots like this in other 50 restaurants of the chain. Caliburger is headquartered in the United States, but it is an international brand, with many of its locations in places like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, Pasadena will be the first to have a robot like Flippy colluding burgers at full speed for humans.

The truth is that the robot has not changed much since its early days, Flippy has not evolved much beyond robotic arm with an industrial look which he presented a few months ago when unveiled to the world. Nevertheless, from the point of view of design it presents a fundamental difference, specifically in his hand: claw closure of yesteryear has been upgraded to a classic spatula to easily turn the pieces of meat.

A simple upgrade like this required a lot of programming by Miso, but it was necessary. After all, It is a matter hygienic because now, the surface of the instrument using the robot is easier to clean. The new version of Flippy is also bolted to the floor of the kitchen and configured to work specifically on kitchens with measures Caliburger, which has a period of exclusivity to make use of this robot that will last six months.

We are looking forward to “Flippy” next generation

The price of the robot at the moment is 60.000 Dollars, we assume that figure will rise as implementing Miso go ROBOTICS new features Flippy model for the next generation. Among the new features it is to having the ability to adapt to changing processes as a seasonal menu.

A few months ago we talked about the case Momentum Machines, company had managed to raise up 18 million in its first round of funding with futuristic, new and disturbing idea replace humans in restaurants of fast food.

Because it is an indisputable fact, technology will set new directions in the future of kitchens and restaurants. As well, the future is here and part of it is being dominated by robots. but do not spread panic, this is not going to turn into a scene from "I, Robot ", or so we hope. For the moment, What they have achieved these automata is sauteing and cooking many burgers in a short time, and that has earned him his first job in a restaurant to a robot.

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