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Food 4 Heroes and other solidarity actions that restaurants are doing during the crisis of the coronavirus


The crisis of the coronavirus brings up the collaboration and the philanthropic spirit of which both boast Spanish. Restaurants in Madrid, During alarm status can only serve orders for home delivery food, They have been hit hard economically, but this has not made them hesitate when spearhead actions support our medical staff and most vulnerable population.

The pizza shop Grosso Napolitano He run by Jorge Blas and Hugo de Paz was the first to start a movement now has great traction in the capital. The idea came from a union between social responsability as Madrid's business and strong commitment from local profess that the combating food waste.

The problem was simple, The last friday 13 the establishment had more genre which envisaged use, and to prevent all those ingredients from spoiling, they decided prepare 200 pizzas for health workers in the region, which it was already then operating in emergency circumstances by the incessant increase in cases of coronavirus that were occurring in the community.

So he founded Food 4 heroes, an initiative which has been running since and now has the support of many other restaurants in the big city: the top, Tasty Poke Bar, Empanadas Geranium, Brunch Club Cafe, The Food Circle, the Miguiña, land Burrito, Manolo Bakes, Honest Greens, Tasty Poke Bar, Bizzo Pizza, Pic & Thread… New businesses constantly echoed by the news add to this beautiful operation, which is coordinated Grosso Napolitano.

Everything is organized in a simple and lighthearted through WhatsApp, all that matters is to help. Since the group professionals restaurants are in contact with spokesmen for the medical equipment from different hospitals. This way they can agree on a delivery point to observe all recommendations regarding social distancing and hygiene, always out of hospital facilities.

The action has already benefited doctors, residents, specialists, practitioners, nursing assistants, therapists, hospital pharmacists, nurses, rapid response teams and other personnel currently bend over backwards turns hellish difficult to cope, not only physically, but also from a psychological point of view. It imposed a pandemic SARS-CoV-19 is not easy for any of us.

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But that seems banal, everything takes a little better when we are well fed. The small contribution of the locals has restorers very positive effect on the mood of workers in the health system. And so they can testify who have received banquets Food 4 heroes at the University Hospital Child Jesus, Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Hospital Clínico San Carlos, University Hospital 12 October or Hospital Universitario de Móstoles, some of the hospitals in the capital that have been graced with the initiative.

Far from being a unique initiative, restaurants of Madrid are organizing to serve the population in difficult times. On some occasions they do for themselves, as with Food 4 Heroes, while others have the help of local governments.

In the city of Alcorcón, the mayor and aldermen have launched a project to bring food to the groups that have been most vulnerable in these hard times: elderly, people with reduced mobility, several disabled, citizens with special needs, mental disorders or functional diversity, dependent patients, etc. They will benefit from the plan contemplated by the council.

Through the Municipal Institute for Employment and Economic Promotion of Alcorcón (To open), has requested the collaboration of the restaurants in the area to offer the food distribution house these people. The most vulnerable families and will be assisted by local catering establishments have signed up to give assistance to these households.

They're not exactly few are doing, and partly it is thanks to the City Council, instead of plaguing the admission process with unnecessary red tape, He has just published an online form where establishments carrying home food distribution can sign. Free and unhindered, help is reaching those who need it.

It is expected that more initiatives how are you going to appear in the capital and other major Spanish cities over the next few days. Days in which we must be prepared for the crisis intensifies health caused by coronavirus, as unfortunately we can extrapolate from what is happening in Italy, scenario we continue with a latency of about 7.5 days.

In anticipation of that confinement, alertness, quarantine and closure of businesses continue until late April, Restaurants are confident that they will contribute their bit to society.

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