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Foodie Packs, new school lunches that are causing a sensation


This is the story of a mother of Sydney who knew in their own flesh the high cost of having to develop and pack a delicious lunch, healthy and appetizing for their children to the school every morning acudieran.

In addition to this, He had to take care of it while the house was frantic pace: wake up, ready and prepared to go to work after leaving children at school. So that, invented a great solution for your little ones could have every day a healthy lunch to take midmorning.

Alizah Maryanka I believe Foodie Packs, the box lunch prepackaged saving an amount of time invaluable all those parents who every morning are involved in a similar situation. "It occurred to me two years ago when I unfortunately became a single mom and my daughter started preschool. It really was very expensive prepare your daily lunch and also was cool, nutritious and liked "said.

Thus he was born the idea of ​​Foodie Packs

This mother needed a solution that school lunch and come packaged, but there was absolutely nothing on the market it was an all in one, healthy, fresh and with an adequate proportion for children.

Far from tigretones and pink panthers, or packaged sandwiches, there is nothing healthy and designed for children. Thus they were born with a Foodie Packs variety of options to choose from ranging from typical sandwiches with whole wheat bread and a variety of fillings, up packages of sushi and even a choice of pasta with different types of sauces, always taking care that they contain a true nutritional value.

Besides the special lunch menus for the little ones of Alizah are able to move with colorful cardboard cutouts, fun ways bread sandwiches and other items. Each package comes with a main part as a sandwich accompanied by pretzels, apples, grapes, cheese, strawberries, cucumber and rice crackers.

The need to get rid of processed foods

For this mother of two children, ensure that they can eat fresh and healthy food It was as important as reducing the time needed to invest to make school lunches.

Today's society has lost much contact feeding the smaller. Advertising, brands and consumerism push us towards food with better price but they are not as healthy, They are processed, They contain much sugar and other harmful products such as palm oil. The result is an epidemic of chronic diseases in childhood, allergies and degenerative diseases, that older generations have not suffered by not having access to this kind of food.

In this context, Alizah Maryanka saw the need to make healthy food with fun Foodie Packs. And the most effective and easiest to begin repairing the damage caused by all processed foods place where children have been eating, It is to provide a fresh option, fun and engaging to consume at school, place to spend most of the time and eat each week.

According to the new entrepreneur: "When the children are regularly fed with fresh and healthy food from an early age, It becomes normal for them, and so they grow up with love for this type of food. further, it is more likely that they also transmit this love of good food to their children, and future generations”.

Foodie Packs buying the parent can ensure that their children are being fed in the best way. Yes, it can be a little more expensive than highly processed products currently are eating each day most school, but the actual price offer children a variety of healthy food and fresh fruits and vegetables daily is incalculable.

further, It has used a recyclable packaging of the highest quality to ensure that all foods rich in nutrients remain throughout the life of the pack lunch. Although a package of this quality contributes significantly to costs, from Foodie Packs it is considered essential to ensure long life and nutritional value as possible while maintaining separate individually sealed with a container of the highest quality components.

This case reminds us of Laleh Mohmedi, a mother preparing Melbourne meals with healthy ingredients and creativity, inspired by favorite characters from her young son Jacob. In his day and publish content to collation of these wonderful culinary creations

Hopefully soon this great idea to root out the morning rush to get a good lunch, Find the potential to leave Australia and to the rest of the world. Create colorful and fun dishes meals is the perfect incentive to get kids to revive their interest in food and find much more enjoyable experience.

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