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Ford prepares a biped robot unique food delivery to home market


The robotics It has the potential to become one of the most disruptive fronts of the industry over the next decade. Different economic sectors are aware that the adoption of this technology brings with it many benefits, among which stands out the lowest cost of operation, optimization of services and better customer care.

The world of restoration, given its particular features that always remains immersed in a vortex of change, is no stranger to this reality. Since it is expected that in the coming years robotics restoration grant a crucial competitive advantage owners, it is logical that today and see some early adopters of innovations based on automata.

A) Yes, although still they are rare in establishments, it is increasingly common to find businesses employing restoration food processors, robots or robots sharing camaraderie.

Possibly the latter field is the one that has been explored so far. The sector is not only immersed in the technological change, In addition to the latest developments in this regard, restorers also have to deal with Recent changes in consumer habits of the population. And one of the behaviors that have changed in emphatic reality of the restaurants is the segment mobility; Now customers prefer to get in the door of your home prepared dishes by chefs, to enjoy them with full comfort in the privacy of their homes.

It is not surprising that most disparate companies have put in place pilot projects to investigate the performance robotic solutions for home food delivery. We have seen again and again in the hands of US companies. THE. as Starship, Robby Technologies O Kiwi, companies wishing to position themselves as leaders to be the first choice of the restorers of the future.

However not all development initiatives robots start sharing emerging companies specialized. A clear example is the case of FedEx, postal company par excellence in the United States who wants to offset the losses caused by the death of the traditional letter pouncing on world trade online: packages from major companies in the retail and urgent deliveries restaurants diners can be trump cards for winning this postal giant that lies between the rock and.

Another similar case was dispersed by the media in early June 2019. Ford, the famous car manufacturers chain, He presented a robot that was far from sharing models that had seen so far.

It is Digit, a biped robot more reminiscent of automata Boston Dynamics that autonomous carts that often dominate the scene robots deal for food deliveries restoration.

Ford's robot performs the same functions, However. Its sensors detect obstacles will exist in the environment, identify the target port and the destination where you have to deliver. Joints driven by hydraulic pistons and electronic art hands get to work then for the robot to avoid passers-sharing, street furniture, unexpected objects, steps or curbs. And all this does while carrying stably purchases have made users of the service, whether these originate in a restaurant or any other shop.

Unfortunately, the robot sharing Ford is suffering from the same problem as many other controllers designed for this purpose. Its range is very limited because the density of electric batteries which is equipped not support large capacity. The fact that the robot is designed to operate with loads does not help.

To overcome this difficulty Ford engineers have devised a solution that makes use of its unique capabilities as a manufacturer of vehicles. DIGIT is designed to work in an autonomous van comandita. The special vehicle will run through the streets without human intervention, and the last section delivery, from the van to the door of the user, It will be performed by the cast biped robot.

This idea is not innovative. McDonald’s will begin to explore a similar solution in San Diego 2020. In your case it will be in a special collaboration with his usual partner in the deal, Uber Eats. If they succeed will succeed to make deals via drone in big cities, using an autonomous vehicle as station.

DIGIT goes a step further thanks to the good work of Agility Robotics, which has made the robot is very versatile cast the same time as the weight of the mechanical skeleton of the unit it is reduced. With only 18 kg, the Ford Mondeo the American team has prepared for this pilot project will reduce consumption to the maximum, further increasing profit margins for the company.

Otherwise, It is expected that early experiences without incident discurran. The operation of the system will be similar to that of any home-delivery network. You make your order online through app mobile or desktop in one of the shops or restaurants associated with the program, and the device will be launched. All orders below 20 kilos are capable of being delivered by Digit. And before you go to make the collection by the customer, from Ford sent an SMS to warn that the delivery robot is about to reach its destination.

If they pass extensive tests imposed by developer, customers and associates, Digit see a robot getting out of a van modified Mondeo will be such a common sight as watching deliverers or Uber Eats Glovo on the streets.

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