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3D photography a plate with mobile


In recent years we have witnessed (and surely participants) a fashion that has plagued our social networks food, from exquisite dishes of the most exclusive restaurants in town, to the experiments that started in kitchen dare to make public. Today it is common to be aware of the diet of our real and virtual friends and, even, it palatable review, healthy or catastrophic it seems photographed and, What is more interesting, recommend or ask for the restaurant in question.

What if I should tell you can photograph your plate in three dimensions with your mobile phone? This is something that may sound futuristic, But it is a reality thanks to an application for Apple devices called 3DAround.

The app has been created by Alexander Ilic, in collaboration with the company Dacuda and printing technology 3-D. Ilic, Speaking to TechCrunch, He confesses to have been inspired by the way of working of his friends bloggers, who performed numerous shots of what they ate from different points of view and chose which one best fit what they wanted to communicate. Founder and CTO of Dacuda then raised the need for a camera with 3-D sensors for a full shot, but soon realized that the Apple technology allows this type of printing is applied if the appropriate software.

The capture process is simple image: through the application chamber, focuses what you want to photograph and scanned from left to right is done, as if it were a video recording. Thus, They reference the same object obtained from various angles with which a three-dimensional image is created, as shown is this video.

From my own experience, the result is, how much less, curious. The app is intuitive, Very easy to use and no loss. While it is true, photography itself does not have the quality of a two-dimensional image, 3DAround captures a vision of the object 360 degrees. further, It incorporates the option to share our shots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp, among others, through the app itself quickly and easily. Definitely, a tool that will delight our fans.

A nivel profesional y empresarial también supone una revolución, como apuntan desde Forbes Life. Hunter Atkins, colaborador de la revista norteamericana, asegura que será una herramienta útil para el e-commerce y el marketing online, de manera que los cocineros puedan compartir sus conceptos y creaciones con un punto de vista más dinámico y completo para el cliente. Sería una nueva medida de promoción de los productos mucho más atractiva y fiel a la realidad e, incluso, un ejercicio de transparencia con el que ganar la confianza del consumidor, ya que al mostrar el plato tal y como es, se evita el inducir a engaño en lo que se vende.

En definitiva, 3DAround da un paso más allá en la manera de promover lo que nos apasiona, la gastronomía, y se plantea como una nueva forma de entender la fotografía culinaria. Porque teniendo la realidad a golpe de botón en la pantalla de nuestro móvil, ¿quién se conforma con dos dimensiones?

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