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And the headline, sure you have answered: As Fuenteovejuna! But no, it is not my intention as Lope de Vega, to lift a Cordovan people against the wrongs of Comendador.

My goal with this headline is highlighted the importance of cooperation and opportunities when doing business, but the best way to experience it is to see. Through how it has grown of the industry Restoration franchises, It seems logical that those that are framed within this, succeed in the audience of the country where the culture of tapas born.

restoration, a fundamental labor force in Spain

This sector already has 174 chains that have experienced a growth in their turnover in the last year. According to the report of the AEF, hospitality firms and fast-food increased their income last year by 38,3 millions euros, while those of hotels / restaurants / hotels increased it by 12,9 million in the same period.

As for the job, he Sector of the restoration it has always been a labor force in Spain. A) Yes, the growth of these franchises has also meant an increase in its workforce, to reach 29.271 employees in the hospitality and fast-food and the 17.790 people in hospitality / restaurants / hotels.

The current business environment has experienced qualitative shift from the end of the decade of the 80, having experienced great changes: the opening of markets, the appearance of a true global competitiveness, the widespread deregulation of economic sectors, and an abundance of available capital. They have experienced the benefits and dangers of a truly global economy.

Scarce resources which structurally catering establishments face, not to be left mostly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), difficult for them, by themselves they are prepared to address processes essential strategic change in current and turbulent scenes of the new global economy.

In such an economy, the innovation, production and marketing of a product can not be carried out by a single company, but only in collaboration with other agents and as a result of interaction with them. This fact has been described countless times through the famous phrase: «no business is an Island».

For this type of cooperation has imposed the term "network". Networks represent a specific form of interaction with external partners, gather agents, resources and activities, therefore they should be considered as systems, others call franchises, associations, partners, etc.

The importance of collaboration “in network”

A key element for restaurants to improve their competitive position in markets It is that they can easily access to specialized technical services in their activity and they can be of various kinds: (Information services, transfer channels, market analysis, Logistics, administrative advice, legal, etc…).

Quality Level, technical capacity, specialization and integration of these services They are of great importance to make them more useful and attractive to small establishments non-specialized restoration.

Optimal long-term solutions can not in any case be the same, that is why it is important to seek prior advice and do professional analysis on how best to cooperate with our type of business. What we can assure previously are the results, yes because those are the same.

Companies of all kinds are or are not competitive, They are or are not profitable, grow, They shrink or disappear. I said, in situations of risk-uncertainty, or we restructure our business or externally moved. Or change the particular angle prism of our next vision or someone with more broadmindedness we will advance to the left.

About the Author

Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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