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Gadgets breaking into the kitchen to stay


Cooking is fashionable, TV shows, showcookings, food fairs or workshops in creative pastries confirm us. The technology could not be left out of this revolution, Of course. A chef worth his salt has to be the last, especially if these new features will help you perfect your recipes or to achieve a unique dining experience.

Here are some of those 'aparatillos’ best known as gadgets that will achieve get more art of any chef. Gadgets that perfectly combine design and functionality, and help the cook to put the point cool and the touch of fun at your table.

“It is scientifically proven that water boils at the right temperature” (Jaume Perich)

Temperature or time heat must be a recipe is critical for success. A chef worth their salt can not do without a good digital thermometer. Here's one brand Gefu usable with various types of foods and even to measure the temperature of wines. This digital thermometer warns when food reaches the degree that we have indicated to avoid oversights that can spoil a recipe. further, we can take the thermometer up 20 meters and leave the base with the pan to observe the temperature at all times. With its heat-resistant wire we can control the temperature of the food while cooking, even, in the oven.

If life gives you lemons…

Spraying fruit juice directly from citrus may be the secret to completely change a dish, a drink or refreshing cocktail flavored. Lekue It offers a Spray lemons and limes two sizes to get the most out of each piece: a longer one for lemons, oranges and grapefruits, and another shorter for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines. Extract the juice directly from the fruit only use one finger.

“No spices or herbs no kitchen” (Alvaro Cunqueiro)

Herbs provide a special flavor and give a finished gourmet. Now cut will be faster, easy and unpolluted finish. These scissors Plant Theater They will make this simple task is, even, entertaining.

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.

El Spirelli de Gefu julienne strips can cut carrots, radishes, cucumbers and other varieties of hard vegetables easily and with a result of more attractive. Two knives for making spaghetti of different thickness and with the coils can both cook and decorate.

“The technique is the effort to save effort” (José Ortega y Gasset)

Here we present a friendly quitahuesos from Talisman Design. Small house will want to empower him but what interests us most is the time you'll save us when making cakes and other recipes containing this fruit.

There is no modernity without a good tradition

The recipes have always been there, may vary, adapt and evolve, but how to present them and store them is modernizing by leaps and bounds. APIC It is a new machine that professional chefs have joined the kitchen. Is about a web platform, with camera, cloud-connected via WIFI, and application enhancement and retouching included. Everything a professional device to immortalize culinary works. Therefore it is entirely justifiable that won the Prize for Design and Innovation Research Madrid Fusion.

It is an invention made by chefs for chefs. The small machine called APIC helps the cook to better document your kitchen by having all data photographed and recorded by date menu. So it is easier to foresee the organization of menus, the marriage or cocktail depending on the timing or customer demand.

The web platform that incorporates, named ApicManager, the chef connects with customers, so these can relive the delights they have eaten in the restaurant or tasting home, depending on the business. further, It is a way to organize the menus by category.

APIC Manager contains a lot of tools to help you connect with your customers. It is a great invention to improve menus and change them as allergens. further, It allows cooks to get in touch with their community of fans on Facebook, Twitter y Pinterest.

The camera has APIC 16 megapixel and incorporates an automatic lighting. All captured images are private and stored so they are available to share or organize them in different albums. further, each photo can be labeled. It is a way to identify pictured everything that contains each dish at a glance, for example indicating ingredients. And next to the photo you can write the steps that have followed in its preparation. So that, while pictures of the dishes are stored you can be creating a book of recipes and own staff.

APIC is simple to use and is designed to withstand wear and tear of use there in a professional kitchen. yes, This gadget is not accessible to all budgets, its price is 1.499 euros.

"The important thing is not what you eat but how you eat" (Epícteto)

Prep Pad is the intelligent controller food. Everyone should watch your diet and see that this was as healthy as possible to prevent health problems. Right now, the technology is so present in our lives here we have a kind of application that helps us to do. It will become our laptop nutritionist. It is an application that is installed on a device like a tablet and it has the ability to provide, with very little margin for error in real time, nutritional information of the foods we consume. further, You can make a report on a weekly basis with different tips on what we should eat to improve our diet.

The application informs all users of many aspects of each of the meals they will eat as, calories, carbohydrates, sugars or proteins. The device can get online at a price of about 120 euros.

The kitchen is an infinite world. Any chef or food enthusiast who boasts must know the application Villy's Cookbook, where You'll find thousands of recipes contributed by users worldwide. In addition to consulting recipes, You can also register and share yours. Knowledge no longer useful at the time to stop airing, The same thing happens with recipes.

The application divides all recipes 14 categories: traditional, microwave, thermomix, pressure cooker, robots, and other beverages, latest, most visited, Most Popular, Top Rated, Most commented, most photographed, latest favorite images and.

Once the recipe that interests us most selected, We both ingredients are listed as preparation steps. further, the application gives the possibility to download the recipe so you can consult it whenever we want without having network connection.

“Alcohol is the anesthesia that allows us to support the operation that is this life” (George Bernard Shaw)

To conquer diners with a brilliant and amazing cocktail is the application Sos Coctail.

From the moment we walked, this app gives us guidelines to locate the combined we seek. You can find name, by ingredients, color or categories. It also gives us the option to locate a random cocktail or save favorites. further, It serves as a shopping list, since we can target the ingredients that we need in the minibar. Sos Coctail also indicates the ingredients that we have to make the best combination for every occasion.

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food” (George Bernard Shaw)

sincere love of food and increasingly to our mobile too. We have highlighted some applications and certainly know many others to help in the kitchen, but… How you use them without being able to have mobile hand or protected from the problems of the kitchen? To work with all these applications need a Smartphone which visualize all this wealth of data culinary. If you are one of those who want to have mobile or tablet always at hand, you need this support.

Definitely, the support Chef Stand Belkin It is designed to fit the cover of the tablet, It is slip resistant and gives the option of using the device both horizontally and vertically. It comes with Lápiz Stylius to surf the Internet or locate recipes without worrying about staining the screen. Its magnetic tip works with any touch screen. Belkin includes a small rubber support to hold the stylus when we are not using. Designed for use with their own hands dirty in a culinary battle, All components can be washed with warm water and soap.

He sale price It's in 35 euros. Definitely, a great tool for those who have become a mobile device in the main book of gourmet recipes.

Belkin It presents another tablet support, Ideal to better optimize the space in the kitchen. It is a furniture accessory that will allow us to follow a recipe step by step or watch our series while cooking.

One of the reasons why this support has won Best of Innovations 2012 at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) it is because no tools required for installation or assembly, Besides, No permanent location. The anchoring system is safe, as it conforms to any desk or shelf, and can be folded when not in use. Always you have on hand, but not in the middle.

This support fits tablets 7 a 11 inches, including the sleeve device. Market can be found in specialized computer stores or in internet.

When first we developed a recipe that we have recommended making, We would have liked the original chef at that time on our side, to give us the instructions to follow. Today I can get. NetChef, is a Cook Book digital, with thanks to its 500 Network recipes, You can follow step by step each preparation without doubt or errors.

“A well-balanced meal is like a poem to the development of life”. (Anthony Burgess, British writer) What better place to keep these culinary poems that in NetChef, the cookbook of the future.

This smart dining platform, developed by Sung, is constantly renewed. By working through the cloud, WIFI we can update and adapt new recipes from the Internet. further, you can take anywhere you want as, NetChef memorizes where routers connected, to only have to enter the password once.

It is waterproof, heat and dirt. All parts are sealed, which helps maintenance and cleaning. being NetChef a live network can receive news about tricks and cooking through system upgrades. You can also view the video to know how to cook the recipe and has a stopwatch or timer and measures converter in each recipe will appear at the bottom of the screen. And if you like to cook with radio or music, NetChef incorporates two high-quality speakers and the application called Pandora.

“Each cook must adapt new techniques to their understanding of the kitchen ".

The new ones refrigerators Gorenje Slovenian company, besides taking care finish their designs incorporate a connector for iPod. The icing missing for a multimedia kitchen. Specific, This model arises from the agreement refrigerator Apple He has signed with Gorenje, bearing the stamp Made for iPod.

In addition to providing an elegant home refrigerator we can connect your music player and enjoy our favorite videos with stereo sound with speakers that incorporates, while the iPod is recharged. There's still more, thanks to this new technology that is built into the refrigerator, from your iPod you can check recipes or meet domestic tricks with home WiFi connection. In France and Germany it is marketed for an approximate price of 1.200 euros.

“Every time I think less in the abuse of technology and special effects in the kitchen” (Charlie Trotter)

Like Trotter changed his words after seeing this Splash waterproof tablet and liquid fat, resistant to high temperatures and frequent bumps in the kitchen. Bloggers gastronomic, cocinillas youtubers Internet and offer us many recipes but consult and, even, consult their own recipes becomes a continual coming and going if we want to have our portable device in the kitchen. Sony created the Xperia Table Z: Kitchen Edition. A tablet with Android operating system waterproof and designed to be used in the kitchen.

This special edition for the kitchen comes with a specific software for culinary arts. It includes a iGrill, that is to say, a wireless thermometer inserted into the meat and connected remotely, via bluetooth, the tablet to control the temperature of the recipe almost 60 meters away, without the need for routine visits baked.

Premium applications also incorporates as Evernote Food, BigOven, Juicin Recipes, Food Planner Pro Y Out of Milk Shopping List with which expand the recipe, and make lists of ingredients or food plans. In the package adds a folding stand to have the vertical tablet and access it easily.

Here we leave other great and technological inventions for foodies, for those who enjoy innovating with food and, even, for those who want to introduce children to the culinary arts. A great invention, if we have a family restaurant where children attend, is this to make ice cream ball just play with it. You only need to place the ingredients in a compartment and the other a little ice with salt. After rolling it over 20 minutes, you will have a delicious ice cream ready to eat.

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