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Garbine Muguruza, the tennis courts at the restaurant table Diverxo


It seems that Garbine Muguruza‏, Venezuela Spanish tennis player, He has left for a few hours championships and hard workouts at the tennis courts to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures Diverxo, the three-star restaurant chef David Muñoz.

The recent Wimbledon champion and number 1 of the world, they shared a few days ago on his Twitter profile (@GarbiMuguruza) with more than 350.000 followers…

Of course, the reaction of David Muñoz and Twitter (@Dabizdiverxo), as emoji, did not expect to this famous diner…


A conversation some Twitter users also joined as we can see in the following tweets…





Incidentally days, A few days ago we saw how David Muñoz shared a photo on his Twitter profile with another important athlete, in this case it was Dani Alves, former Barcelona player that currently plays for PSG.

It seems clear that the relationship between the chef and restaurant Diverxo elite athletes going well…

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