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Gastrouni wide promotion to study the new edition 100% online Master in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero


After the success achieved with the promotion launched from Gastrouni during the month of January to attend the new edition 100% online Master in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero, in which many professionals have benefited from the 20% direct discount to attend this training program.

From the leading organization in Spain in university training in restaurant management, They have decided to extend the promotion until 28 February for allthose professionals HORECA they are thinking of turning around your business or want to make more money 2017 acquire the minimum knowledge needed to achieve this through a corporate and executive training applied to the reality of the sector.

In the 3edition 100% online Master in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero, which will start in March, They will bring the practical tools needed to manage, optimize and monetize any restaurant and / or catering establishment through the latest business management techniques. Relying on a senior teaching staff, composed of university faculty and professionals active in the sector, and on a active methodology, varied, participatory and applied, unique in the international panorama and training entitled by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.

as a novelty,This edition of the Master 100% online it may be subsidized by the State Foundation for Training and Employment oh fund (formerly known as Tripartite Foundation), and be funded to 100% interest, customizing payment terms to the real needs of the student and your business.

further, I am thinking of all those professionals who have dedicated much of his life to the sector, is accessible without previous university studies, becoming a unique opportunity to acquire a quality university education.

Remember, You have until 28 February to sign up 3rd edition 100% online Master in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero of Gastrouni with a 20% direct discount on the official price of the Master.

To get more information just contact by phoneal(+34) 966 305 665, in info@gastrouni.comor WhatsApp in (+34) 644 457 876; Gastrouni where the team will help you resolve all your doubts regarding the curriculum, faculty, discounts, payment facilities, duration, access requirements, qualifications, etc.

More information in: http://gastronomiayuniversidad.com/course/master-en-direccion-de-restaurantes-y-fb-hotelero-edicion-online/

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