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Generation “Millennials”, future customers of restaurants


There are many variables that influence how to understand and manage our economy, but one that has more weight, is the age. The year that we are born and the generation to which we belong are two variables that make our way of saving and spending.

This difference in mentality so clear that there is for example, between parents and children, also it manifested in more generations together, as in the case of the "Generation X" and which follows the so-called "Generation Y" also called the "millennials".

If you have never heard talk about these generations, the first of them, Generation X, It comprises those who now have between 35 Y 54 years, Y the second Generation Y or "Millennials", those who are now between 21 Y 34 years, although many insist that Millennials are those born between 1981 Y 1995 (approximately), that is to say, They have aged 15 Y 29 years.

It is clear that our potential customer in these years of crisis has been Xers, but we must be clear that Millennials are the future generation of consumers, with new features, needs and demands is good for us to know to successfully access your needs and capture them as clients.

I will describe some interesting aspects that I consider each of these generations and we must take into account restaurants.

GENERATION X, leads for family restaurants

They are the "big debtors" today and those who are more stressed about their bills. The main protagonist of his concerns is the "mortgage". Is a generation that has lived the tech boom and it has grown between the analog and digital world, but are not techies.

They have been encouraged to study, competitiveness have lived since college and are enterprising. They claimed a balance between life and work. They are at the age to have a family and that is why They are a potential customer for restaurants with a familiar profile.

Many of them left school for an easy job (construction boom) and now they have a foothold in the labor market, so they are unemployed. Closest to the 35 years have built payments via mobile phone and internet banking operations, but near the 45-50 They are more reluctant to do so. further, with age raises the number of credit and debit cards while Millennials pay more cash and make payments through many platforms like Paypal.

GENERATION Y, “Los Millennials“, new restaurant patrons

Are the children of the generation "Baby Boom" and are characterized by the massive use of social networks and their "familiarity" with innate communication, media and digital technology. Master the technology as if it were an extension of his own body. They are digital natives.

Much of the members of this generation, They are affected by unemployment. Of the 5.778.100 unemployed (Oct 2015) waths up, 970.200 are young people below 25 years, that is, the 17% more or less.

However they have good educational levels and close 54% They possess a university degree, but despite being "one of the most prepared generation in history", to reach the labor market, are practical or temporary contracts.

Unlike previous generations, “los Millennials” They are more focused on getting the most out of this, in living what they love and find happiness in everything they do. When they go to a restaurant they will enjoy. They have confidence, They are connected with the world and open to change, because they know that evolution is the key to survival. But what moves them is the passion. They expect their brands to become "lovemark".

Millennials are "marquistas", brands like telling them something, good for a cultural reason or for being taught with a high social commitment, Y restoration, They look for companies committed to technology, Health & Wellness, to provide healthy diets and food.

They are customers who seek not only good care, but require customization and new experiences. They are much more chaotic, demanding and volatile. According to a study, he 86% consumers would no longer go to a restaurant for a bad experience, in front of 59% ago 4 years, and also posted on the networks. As well digital negative experiences of other customers have a much greater impact than in other age groups. So to satisfy “Millennials "this reality should guide companies to put" a consumer experience "at the core of its strategy.

“Millennials "are addicted to mobile and are the ones who are driving the phenomenal growth of mobile applications (worldwide there 5 million daily downloads of applications). Given this reality companies must build and improve the functionality of the APP as they have become an important sales tool that improves the shopping experience.

The vast majority of “Millennials "have profiles on social networks. It's not just a means of communication for them but a fundamental part of their social life. They are active and before spending seek and listen to opinions, generate and share content, in blogs or on trip, and they are very sensitive to their experience online. If the experience is positive with a restaurant often they share and recommend. They rely more on the opinion of their friends that emitted by the brand itself.

“Los Millennials” son, so, the future generation of consumers and users in restaurants, with a mindset to live life and enjoy the moment, through new experiences to share them later. So This generation is a substantial market with new features, needs and demands that we know to apply immediately thinking of the present and in the very near future.


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