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General Motors introduced into their cars food orders and reservations at restaurants


General Motors He announced last week its intention to introduce screen-browser e-commerce dashboard one technology. As he explained by the company, drivers of their vehicles can find the nearest gas station, book a hotel room or order food with a few taps on the screen of the car, without resorting to the mobile phone while driving.

This New technology made in the form of marketplace reality General Motors has been developed in collaboration with the company International Business Machines (IBM. N). The forecast is that by the end of the year 2018 US will, 4 million vehicles brands Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Y Cadillac equipped with this possibility e-commerce in the dashboard console.

The business model of General Motors

According Santiago Chamorro, Vice President General Motors, the company will extract part of their income from merchants listed in its marketplace. further, customers were not charged for using the service or the data transmitted to and from the car while doing your transactions.

Thus, General Motors platform will be financed by the traders themselves, who will pay to place their application on screens of these vehicles.

General Motors vice president clarified that: "It is still too early to make an estimate of the revenue that we expect to get". He continued saying: "... but we hope to end up competing for clicks and revenue generated by customers currently with their smartphones, what are you offering a wider range of applications our screens, moment "warned Chamorro.

In this same line, Amazon is partnering with other industry manufacturers Automobile and Ford Motor Co for offer in their cars this technology that enables the vehicle for ecommerce through the system of personal assistant Amazon Alexa.

Gradually GM expects to add new brands to its marketplace

In the case of General Motors, will launch its marketplace only icons Shell Y Exxon Mobil in the category of fuels. For its part and at the moment, the only restaurant available for reservations tables from the car will be the string TGI, "Although in the future we'll be adding many more," said Santiago Chamorro, it expects its forecasts come true during the first quarter of 2018.

However if there are other apps to order food in cafes and restaurants as Starbucks O Dunkin’ Donuts Y Applebee’ s. further, General Motors wants in their cars screens can be accessed apps music, news and other information services.

We look forward to the adventures of this company, it definitely has proposed extending the possibility of ordering to restaurants in almost any context.

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