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Geolocate the customer's car, the new service that triumphs in restaurant deliveries


For years the mobility segment has been growing sustainable, indicating a paradigm shift in the consumption habits of restaurant customers. This trend, far from being intimidated by the crisis of the coronavirus, has been reinforced: diners fear coming into contact with potential infected and the only way to continue enjoying their favorite restaurants without taking risks, is to minimize the number of people with whom you interact.

In this sense we have seen some applications with contactless deliveries, in which they are used digital purses to make payments and the delivery people leave the deliveries on the doormat of the houses and flats from which the orders have been requested.

Another strategy that has also proliferated in these difficult times is the requests to pick up on the sidewalk. There are two different types, those that are taken to the building where the client lives and those destined for pickup.

In the first modality, access to conflictive areas such as busy stairs or elevators in frequent movement is avoided, and contact with switches is also kept to a minimum, stamps, knobs and handles, for mentioning some elements often handled.

In the modality pickup it is the clients themselves who travel to the establishment, but it is not necessary that they enter. An employee of the restaurant in question is dedicated to deliver orders abroad, so that the client does not have to access the closed space where droplets expelled by a previous client who could have become ill are more likely to be inhaled, typical contagion vehicle of the CoV-SARS-2.

This type of order to collect has become quite widespread in the first weeks of confinement, but its weak points did not take long to appear. The reality is that those restaurants with a higher volume of business cannot guarantee that people do not accumulate outside the premises.. Orders take time to be fulfilled and queues can form. When this happens, people's health is in question as the rules of social distancing are not observed.

Analyzing in depth which facet of the service pickup causes this problem, you get to wait times are to blame. As it is well known, restaurants fight to the death with these inefficiencies, and every second stolen from waiting times is celebrated as a victory. So it is not surprising that Panera double celebrated its latest innovation in customer service for placing orders online for pickup on sidewalk, since in addition to increase efficiency in service, Improves user experience of those who approach the establishment and shield health from those who trust the brand against the dangers of CoVID-19. Everything is advantages!

Which, so, this innovation that Panera has integrated? Very easy, thanks to the use of its mobile application, now customer position is tracked. By geolocating the customer at all times they can know when the customer will arrive at the establishment. This planning ability allows to prepare the delivery of the order in advance, so that the worker in charge of carrying the command leaves the premises at the same time that the client turns the last corner before reaching the restaurant with which he has contacted.

The Panera Curbside service uses alerts so that store staff can get ahead of events, and in this way it is possible to reduce waiting times as much as possible, so the congregation of people is entirely impossible. Customers only stop in front of the establishment for a few seconds, then they start their way back home.

Apart from alerts, Panera Curbside users can give additional information about their vehicle if they approach the premises by car, bike or bike. Data such as body or chassis color, the model or registration can help Panera workers to act more effectively.

The new option has been greatly liked by lovers of Panera, but there are always those who feel intimidated when a commercial entity tries to geolocate them. Fortunately, this tool is not activated as standard, but the user has to select it if he wants to use it. Thus, you can use the app home mobile without the geolocation utility is working; it's more, if you are concerned about the state of the battery or if you no longer want to use the service, can be deactivated without any problem at any time.

Panera has seen the potential of this new method of order delivery and is giving incentives for repeat customers to try it. They know that he falls in love, and so they are not afraid to offer a discount of five dollars on the next order with an amount greater than 20$ what the beneficiary does. In this way, the restaurant and grocery chain ensures that the early implementation of the new customer service methodology is quick and boosts long-term adoption.

The company, whose digital business is already the 65% of the total, goes out of their way to offer valued products to diners who need their services even in the midst of this pandemic. According to the brand's executive director, Niren chaudhary, «In the new world that is emerging, we are focused on how to serve our clients in the best way and wherever they are ».

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