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¿Own or external management strategy in order food delivery in restaurants?


For several years we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the use of space restoration. Early in the century the restaurant hall welcomed the clientele that made up the total turnover of the establishment, as our director says, “It gave context to the dining experience”. In 2019 only a small percentage of all sales are made when a customer visits the local fitness, Today the context is chosen by the customer, decides where and when he wants to live his experience.

Change is encouraged by the emergence of tools communication online, improving telecommunications and generalization among consumers, as well as the arrival of foreign companies specialized in the distribution of food delivery or delivery.

Over the next few years it is expected that the growth of this business segment in restaurants continue skyrocketing. Between 2018 Y 2023 the amount of additional sales that businesses receive restoration triple those on sale in situ.

Thus, actively participate in home food delivery and mobility options available are basic strategies for any restaurant who wants to adapt successfully to changing times. Equally important it is to know and use the full potential of digital utilities that allow users to place orders via internet.

Estimates suggest that these digital orders increase more than 22% within this period while those made by telephone and other traditional media will fall for the first time, a fact which corresponds to the domain population millennial in the market, whose aversion to telephone conversations is a habit found.

Currently more than a third of US restaurants. THE. offer orders online. While values ​​are similar in other first world countries, there is still much room for improvement in those developing nations. And this does not imply that the number of catering businesses that offer this type of service will stop growing in the West during the next five years, the opposite, it will become increasingly normal for the restorer count on this option at your local.

On the other hand, mobile payments, whose advantages have already discussed many times in the newspaper, They have a residency five percentage points lower, which is specifically placed in 32%, always referring to data from the United States. Given the peculiarities of the US market, This technology has rapidly spread since it was created and presented to the catering business. For citizens of the American country is a good way to avoid cost overruns associated with the use of credit cards.

a Europe, laws that protect the consumer more strictly against the practices of banks, the penetration of these systems is substantially less. However, since comfort is also at stake, It is expected to gradually become more restaurants that accept mobile payment methods.

As explained, he quid the question seems to have been deposited in order digital services. It is not surprising therefore that have arisen Different alternatives through which restaurants can receive food orders from their customers for telematics.

First are the applications platforms online own, developed by teams devs exclusively for the restaurant in question. Price restricts its use to major restaurant chains organized.

These large companies have no impediments to making big payouts if it allows them to strengthen their brand image through a app personalized mobile to maintain cohesion with the rest of iconography of the company, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit and mission of the same.

He software tailor-made can also include innovative tools or utilities, remove and replace modules for testing and integrating technological innovations to the system (a clear example would be the modern loyalty programs that are booming).

For those small independent restaurants or restaurant chains that are not in the same league as Domino’s O Burger King, It is impossible to use independent platforms. These companies have to set our sights on the applications distributed under license by companies outside specialized in this type of service.

Such companies are dedicated to developing software with basic customization options that confer the possibility of Take advantage of the market segment of digital orders with a low initial investment.

In return, have to make peace with the idea that they can not take your app mobile everything they wish or as we would like. On the other hand, the company that licensed the software product enriches itself at the expense Restaurant, either with a payment, with a cost of sales or a combination of both. In the case of sales cost, and depending on the provider, the claimed value is between 10 and the 30 percent of total.

Some other companies in this group specialize in add restaurants and process orders online in an independent way. In this case the restorer will benefit from reaching a wider audience, which will undoubtedly increase its turnover and even the perceived influx into the physical location.

In return, you lose some autonomy and control devenir on the premises, and customer information that could be put in interpreting value with the appropriate technological tools. Within this latter type of suppliers they are well known companies in the sector can be Grubःub, by Dash, Uber Eats, Just Eat O Deliveroo.

finally there, Of course, the possibility of approaching the problem with a hybrid solution; that is to say, using either a app own mobile as the web of a foreign company. strictly speaking, this is the case of McDonald’s in EE. UU., that last year began to collaborate with Uber Eats in order to reach an even wider audience, while through its app own mobile fosters consumer loyalty rewards plans linked to consumption is done in different outlets belonging to the company.

The future market developments points to the desirability of a app own that integrates all the basic tools: Applications Manager online, compiler consumer information, system reviews, and similar rewards program. The growth in the volume of transactions, held around 10%, experiencing this market segment justifies. In the meantime, companies that have reached maturity and have difficulty reaching more customers can benefit from their own audiences who have built companies with home food delivery order management interface outside.

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