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Golfers and food delivery drones live in the golf course King's Walk


drones Casting find a new niche market: the distribution you command a small distance. The first to experience firsthand the pros and cons of this system have been golfers who gather on the golf course King’s Walk de Grand Forks (North Dakota, OF. UU.).

Given the limited autonomy of cuadracopters, applications such as those pursued by Domino’s They are not viable when you want to avoid huge initial investments: the price of drones quickly scale the more demanding specifications are required.

Bill Palmiscno, responsible for the field, not looked favorably not used to their full resources present in the village. it follows that this lost population North Dakota It is a hot spot of development of UAVs (WON) so busy there and who affectionately calls him "Sili-drone Valley" in allusion to the famous California Technology Center.

The drones started flying the 18 September on the green hills that forms the path 18 holes. Bill confesses that if the tests are successful not see any problem in that one of the carts that are currently used to service players is replaced by the flier.

During this pilot golfers can receive drinks and food to blow button. The drone will lead them to the location where you placed the order in less than ten minutes (enters this computation cocktail preparation and placement of snacks in the drawer of the machine by the barista). The price? For only three dollars players can stay hydrated and satiated without being forced to leave their journey half. You can enjoy the food directly in the field and with maximum comfort.

The initiative aims to solve three major problems:

  • Minimize the costs of team. Currently the golf courses have several drivers carts that roam the countryside aimlessly offering drinks and meals transporting competitors. Given the increased efficiency of food delivery by drone it would be possible to service the entire field with a single pilot (the Federal Aviation Administration US. THE. It requires at least one person remotely controlling vehicles). If you could do without additional workers the amounts saved by the business would be very significant, now that minimum wages are rapidly climbing for all US states. THE.
  • Improve user experience. During peak and peak times carts are unable to serve golfers within logical time. Sometimes customers have to wait up to an hour in the hot sun until the cart passes nearby. With the system powered by drones may make your customers express request from its location and receive it soon.
  • Golf courses with tours 18 holes (the larger) They are suffering a bad time. Since 2007 They have closed one 7% This type of business in the United States. To reinvigorate the sector owners try incite cross consumption disposing of clothing stores and sports equipment, relaxation lounges and spas, Y, Of course, restaurants, cafes and other restoration centers.

The answer to these challenges may come from the hand of FlyTrex, an Israeli company specializing in delivery drones.

Yariv Bash, CEO of the company, seeks to expand the market in which they are present. After enjoying a resounding success in establishing a network of home delivery of food for drone in Reykjavik (Iceland) covering half of the capital set their sights on the plains of North Dakota. Yariv is optimistic about his future in golf knowing well the demand that exists for the convenience and comfort offered by these services. "Wherever you are, you should be able to have what you want in a few minutes. Why wait?», scores.

Nevertheless, despite the previous experience of FlyTrex, there are doubts about whether the implementation of these UAVs will take place without major impediments. It is unlikely. OF. THE. It is characterized by having one of the most stringent and restrictive regulations regarding possession, Drone use and application sharing it means.

No lack of skeptics who suggest that the service will not meet the expectations: drones can not operate in rainy weather or moderate winds, Regular visitors to these areas are not technological followers, the machines still have great autonomy and low energy costs, etc.

Some also simply considered a nuisance, a viewer of the technical demonstrations FlyTrex He commented as a mockery: «[…] there is nothing that golfers love more than a loud buzz all over the field that distracts. Spoil a stroke of a grumpy old golfer and the last thing you see [the drone]It will be a five iron approaching him '. But under the guise of jocular remark lies a real concern. Anyone who has been approached by a professional drone without notice known to be loud and unnerving.

Drones moment distribution operation will be six weeks. Once armed with the data obtained during the test period will request permission from the FAA to continue operating, and officially.

If everything goes fine, Yariv already has his eye on a golf softball adjacent. Same owners already have expressed interest, therefore they have their own restaurant on the premises.

While the Israeli visionary explores new ways to use their devices, UAVs will fly at a height of between 50 Y 100 meters above the ground and about 50 kilometers per hour, leading up to 3 kilos of food orders golfers Golf King's Walk each way.

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