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Google adds calories from restaurant menus in their results


Google continues its strategy of promoting content and new utilities related to restaurants, It has therefore begun to show the calories and carbohydrates of some of the menus chains most popular restaurants in the United States.

The following image is an example of how shows results:

Google and calories on restaurant menus

The system is very simple, the user types the word “calories” followed by the name of the restaurant and the dish or particular menu, and the search shows the result obtained, The same will happen if instead of “calories” do you write “carbohydrates”.

So far the implementation has only been done in the United States and for some specific restaurant chains, but it is expected that soon the information is available in other countries and include many more restaurants.

As he commented in I made the video from New York, the nutritional components of the menus of restaurants in the United States, They have become an issue of state to address the fight against the epidemic of childhood obesity and Google seems to want to help provide this information through your browser.

But as I have been able to confirm, it seems that Google has a much more ambitious project than just show the calories in their search results, and is be able to inform, through a process of artificial intelligence, of calories from a dish from the picture taken by a user, something that would be a major step in the field of image recognition.

I share with you the news published in different media on this topic, click the image to read the full story.

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