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Google advances in the food delivery market by integrating with new partners


Google I spent several months strengthened its market position as intermediary in digital e-commerce transactions, in the case of restaurants, with their applications Google My Business and Google Maps.

In a new step in this direction, subsidiary Alphabet It has decided to take a giant step. In autumn 2019 the company announced a partnership with the company Feeling. Thanks to the work of this company, Google has begun offering the possibility of ordering online in restaurants across the main applications managed by: Google Maps, Google Assist Y Google Search. From the legendary search engine to new virtual assistants are covered.

Currently Olo has 70 000 restaurants platform. Internet users who so wish may make their reservations and orders online in these restaurants across Google. In this way all parties benefit. Google strengthens its market presence, Olo expands its horizons to the work with the technology giant, and users enjoy advantages such as better user experience and greater convenience maintained using interfaces Google applications.

CEO Olo, which it is the original founder of the company once, We are very pleased with the changes made, because the new methodology eliminates intermediate steps so that the potential customer invested time is less. further, It also boasts that they are not forced to use third-party tools. The development of the transaction takes place entirely in the pages of Google.

Until now, Olo is the largest order management platform online for restaurants that have joined the initiative native Google. It is not the first, However. Previously two other companies had already given the nod to the great ge. It is the case Slice and ChowNow, two medium-sized companies operating in EE. THE. a priority.

Olo responsible confirms the good decision made. Currently Google is the gateway to a huge market, the sales off-premise. In some niches this turnover is now at around the 63% of the digital market, so having a free showcase of friction from which diners can order online without risk that the transaction is aborted midway is a real advantage.

Other technology companies also pursue this reality, in the case of Facebook and Instagram, both directed by Mark Zuckerberg. Counselors magnate information seem to have hit the direction that the market goes, have its own electronic wallet and serve as an intermediary for as many purchases as possible is the future peeping both Mark and managers Alphabet.

The restaurants participating in the initiative as part of Olo have also been shown excited by the news. Unlike other intermediary companies, here no commission to pay, so profit margins are maintained and the only thing that changes is the competitiveness of the local, that in any case it increases the show to a wider audience.

The first restaurants that joined the ordering system online of Google were Portillo’s Hot Dogs Y Checkers & Rally’s, two brands of fast food and casual US. THE.

In addition to the benefits in that Telematic reserves, requests online and food distribution refers house, trademarks mentioned and many other restaurant chains are also interested in one of the intangible benefits offered by Google. Unlike third-party companies that maintained a tight siege on the customer information that managed, Google provides all data to restaurants. This guarantee so that industry professionals can make the decisions necessary for fix more customers and get more business recurrent.

He partnership with Olo is the latest addition to Google on marketing in the catering sector. Since late 2018 the company has implemented changes to its app cartographic Google Maps to show more intuitive scores, It has improved the functioning of Google My Business to the point where the number of reviews that receives outperforms competitors aggregators (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc), It has introduced many positive changes Google Lens Y Google Assist, and now apps Company have orders online native people. No more data are needed to confirm that Google wants to take this market segment.

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