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Google creates robots for restaurant customers


It took some time talking in my lectures on how artificial intelligence will affect the relationship between restaurants and customers, smart devices that are able to give personalized answers through systems like los chatbots, in environments Conversational, allow as we would communicate through WhatsApp with any of our friends, mainly through text.

So far my working hypothesis had always had a common parameter, the response from a smart device to the need for a customer or user, but in the last international conference Google, the annual event that the company conducts developer, the CEO, Sundar Pichai, presented a Google new technology called Duplex, getting reverse the direction of intelligent communication which until now had studied and imitate the human voice in a conversation.

The fact is that now is not the bot which gives a response initiated by a human, it is the smart device itself that replaces the human / client and is able to initiating and maintaining a voice conversation with this using language gestures and words that allow it to be unrecognizable as a machine.

As you can see in the video below, the virtual assistant is able to Call a restaurant and make a reservation maintaining a completely natural conversation. Logically the person on the other side of the phone does not know you're talking to a virtual assistant.

So far it's just a test, but the company plans to launch its United States first version for summer, although he acknowledged that many of the tests they had performed were unsuccessful.

But without any doubt, what I find most important is that the American giant Google through Duplex offers its users a artificial intelligence tool that allows you to be your partner or personal assistant and machine or replace many common conversations, something that until now had mainly been the task of companies.

We have long been in the digital and technological environment of restaurants hearing about robots robots waiters or chefs, but maybe, with cases like Google Duplex, It is time to start thinking about the customers robot, as those digital assistants that will replace some repetitive or lacking value stocks customers own.

It seems that sooner rather than later the restaurants are not going to speak directly with our customers but in any case we will do with your virtual assistant or Bot, or perhaps the restaurant virtual assistant to confirm the reservation or order home with the virtual assistant customer… a nice, I do not want to confuse, but it seems that is certain is that the relationship with our customers takes on a new level of digitalization.

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