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Google includes videos tabs restaurants Google Maps


For a long time, the only thing restaurant owners have been able to climb Google Maps were images of your business, with the intention to make it as recognizable as possible for users of this application. It was the best way to visualize well the place you wanted to go, Nevertheless, Google has wanted to raise his bet. It plans to launch a new feature in its program of local guides that allow managers and owners restaurants and other businesses, attach videos in their respective locations within Google Maps.

This feature was unveiled a few weeks ago but only now It is beginning to deploy gradually, allowing us record a video Google Maps for 10 seconds or upload a video up 30 seconds we already have prerecorded.

Once you have made the search Google Maps, simply have to scroll down and touch “Add a photo” to upload your video. From there, just to make sure we play and let down the appropriate button to start recording from the same Google Maps app.

An application with many opportunities

Add videos to locations in Google Maps may seem not too significant, Nevertheless, should not underestimate the possibilities that can offer the storytelling in audiovisual format. Conviene tener muy presente que la emoción y the connection with the client has an increasing importance over traditional advertising. Y en una sociedad en la que el 45% people see more than an hour on Facebook and Youtube videos per week, We can not take this news lightly.

Google Maps to allow a quick tour of the area where is the restaurant or business seeking customers, and others check those places. Of course, for companies is a new challenge, that of to pass the essence of your restaurant, an audiovisual content, but it is also an opportunity to show to users who are close, everything the restaurant has to offer.

And live videos, when?

In the era of emergence of the phenomenon Instagram Stories, Snapchat or live video through Facebook Live, more advanced users have already ventured to ask when will the live video?

But for the moment, as we could read this week in androidauthority.com, Google is focusing on try this new functionality with businesses and local guides, and he has not said anything either about how they will run their policies revision and audio content. What is known is because the inclusion of each of the videos to a restaurant or business can get on your location, will have a major impact on positioning This in the search.

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