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Google Lens or how to get information from a restaurant with my camera smartphone


Google CEO, Sundar Pichai He announced a few days ago at the annual developer conference business, the latest novelty of the platform. From now on we can get all the information you want about a restaurant, business or monument street just pointing to it with our mobile camera.

This is, As reported in the New York digital magazine grubstreet.com, the latest innovation that brings the Internet giant and, now, It gives us the opportunity to reserve a table at a restaurant or know their criticism online, only by pointing the camera to the label from outside.

Google Lens is presented as the Google Googles successor, that allowed to recognize any object through photos taken with a mobile phone and return search results. This functionality has been added is the Assistant, making it possible to obtain all the information you need about something, with only take aim with the camera lens of our Smartphone.

Camera turns your smartphone into the best search box

Google is essentially a Lens photo-reconnaissance function that allows users turn the camera lens incorporated carrying mobiles in a search box. By pointing our phones to anything on which we want to know more, immediately obtain relevant information from the same as comments and criticisms obtained on the Internet, classification on various platforms and other possibilities such as initiating a call, send an e-mail, etc.

According to the same New York magazine, Google's next step in this sense it will be an automatic suggestion information, for example a restaurant, when you go walking down the street, by the mere fact of passing by.

A step forward in artificial intelligence recognition

From now on we can know the prices, the menu or see photographs of a restaurant just walking down the street, and capturing the screen Smartphone facade.

Definitely, Lens Google goes far beyond simply identifying content that is in a photo, Image recognition allows us to digitally interact with the restaurant through reserve a table or meet their criticisms, just pointing the camera our Smartphone to its facade.

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