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Google Maps is the big bet to conquer the market of local restaurants


2019 It will be an important year for techies, friends use Google Maps to find a good nearby restaurant when you tap eating out.

The technology giant has been updating its app mobile and desktop computers since early June last year to meet demand for its users, a way to find nearby settlements that provide more meaningful results.

To make it, versions that have been released have made appear some new features and segments in reviews of restaurants. A brief review for those who have not followed the gradual improvements:

  • A new scoring methodology based on user settings and that takes into account the personal preferences of the same. It works so similar to the indexes Compatibility dating pages, with the difference that here the location is judged, Today and quality of service in the restoration center.
  • A tool to decide joint meals a group of known. This methodology aims to reduce the time it intended to choose a local where to eat, situation that can be very tedious when there are many involved. It works as a survey in which participants can score the most appreciated restaurant. The setting chosen is shown in the different mobile terminals of persons belonging to the group.
  • New labeling and filtering system which it allows much more complex screens. Thanks to this search tool can be found that allow local pets, having vegan menus, which are suitable to visit with our dear children, or instead they are frequented by adults, it is impossible to suffer the annoying offspring of others.

Apart from these three important fronts, They are being undertaken improvements in the recommendation algorithm establishments, you can now highlight local that are fashionable, they have received some important positive criticism recently or are just on our way home to work, home or the gym, or any route you perform on a regular basis and our GPS saved in memory.

With all these tools in the app mobile, It is not surprising that users opt for Google Maps when looking for a new restaurant. And of course, It is also understandable that the restorers want to optimize their profile online to maximize the number of visitors passing through its halls.

The intention is that these changes last year Google Maps help give a bombshell and recover the distance had brought him Yelp in the past, a platform of reviews for restaurants more social court. Not content with this, They have done what they do best, analyze data and provide them useful, to leave behind all potential competitors: Zagat, TripAdvisor, Grubःub, Foursquare and mediocre Apple Maps.

The statistics speak for themselves. When a web surfer wants to find a new restaurant, at 87% cases their first action is to address Google. Not to a friend who can make a recommendation. No, that friend has different tastes and Indian restaurant I would recommend would leave the user with heartburn. Not a restaurant guide. No, this guide will have been edited at least a few weeks ago, so that does not represent the current reality. And of course, will not go to the streets to loiter on the sidewalks looking for a new restaurant business in the neighborhood.

The reality is that everything the user needs to do Google. Topical information, ultrapersonalizados results and geolocation. And this is because the developers have listened to users and have echoed their needs and concerns.

This almost perfect product has made the 64% marketing specialists now see Google as the reception for any new business sector.

But if we say almost perfect, is that there is still something to be done ... What lies ahead? According to some technology analysts Google Maps can still improve voice search. In fact, it is expected that this improvement becomes effective shortly as part of a collaboration of another of the star products of the house: Google Assistant.

Although it is still early to know how the space will reform the new Google Maps, What we do know is that we can not wait to set our device to see what the restaurant gives us greater compatibility.

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