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Google Maps launches a new feature to choose a restaurant for a group or event quickly


Do you go to eat out often? Are you going accompanied? How much you delay to put you agree on where to go? Have you ever given up your plans due to indecision or lack of agreement? All these are Common situations that faces a large proportion of the adult population. How lucky they are at least unimportant issues!

Or maybe not? It may seem a matter that does not deserve much attention, but it is not if we consider the amount of time we lose. According to data compiled by Seated, a app mobile designed to discover new restaurants, those minutes we spend each day can add up to be a total of five and half days per year. We prefer not to take calculations about how this corresponds to a lifetime.

What is clear is that anyone appreciate those five extra days when @year_progress tweets his 99% Fools day.

What can you do five days? If you're using the app mobile Google Maps It is the perfect time to give you this question. During the I / O 2018 a new feature of the application that intended to follow the steps announced Yelp Y OpenTable. A) Yes, in an attempt to blur the differences in technology that made these two companies reviews llevasen the front on some fronts, Google showed interest in including a tool for planning group meals.

After several months of testing, many headaches and a number of staggered updates, the utility is now available for users of Google Maps on Android and iOS, as well as the browser version for computers.

It is not a panacea able to make everyone agree with the choice made, but it is an exercise of democracy on a small scale and eliminates inefficiencies lunchtime (remember those painful lost five days into nothingness).

its operation it is simple, It runs as follows:

1.- First you access Google Maps as you would normally. He is to appear a list of nearby restaurants, including visual information such as pictures of the dishes or stays, the average score received in the system reviews, a custom score as a percentage which measures how much the local suits our preferences and other general data (price, schedule, etc.).

2.- When a restaurant calls our attention we can click on it and keep the pressure the bottom of the screen will blur is serving notice that we can proceed to drag the selection to our list of options (you have to drag the left margin).

3.- The list of options presents different establishments elected, below each other, and the header interface friends who were added to the planning group. You can add as many users as desired using the button "Share".

4.- Guests only have to give the nod to the proposal Access the planning group (you are notified via a pop-up message on their mobile terminals) clicking on the "OK" button. When inside, They can vote for their preferred option quickly and easily.

5.- Screen shown clearly the most voted restaurant, and if no other impediment, the discussion ends in record time.

Of course there is always the possibility that one or more of the participants remain unhappy with the choice if the restaurant they had visited is the least valued by the group. Or if instead your worst choice is what has emerged victorious in the vote. When you are given such circumstances, nothing better than taking it with humor and wish better luck next time the unfortunate.

This function, we expect to have a big hit with users Google Maps, It is a step by capitalize on consumption behavior of users. The novelty does not come alone, it is accompanied by other tools aimed at the same end, the most striking is "My Match", a custom score We have already dealt with separately in the newspaper. Nor can we forget the classification of establishments in vogue provided through the «Foodie List», or the list of places that are all the rage in a given week, information provided in the section "Trending This Week '.

further reinforces the improvement actions on contextual commerce, a front Google You do not want to overlook it, but users have not heard of the term for the most part, is used for 60% of respondents according to a study by PYMNTS.

The trade contextual or situational manages traffic so that, using technological solutions, It can convey relevant advertising action at the point of need. The tech giant does screen showing nearby businesses restoration in app Mobile mapping. Definitely, the program offers advertising relevant to current circumstances where is the owner of the mobile.

Whether the goal is increase the efficiency of your advertising efforts, the reality is that users stand to gain. On the one hand these long discussions about the restaurant where you will eat is sentenced, while on the other the possibility opens meet new dining directly recommended by trusted people around us. A new the status quo in which everyone wins.

To end, remember that in addition to this new feature of Google Maps, as well You can access the web 10Restaurantes.com, specializing in restaurants for groups and events; wedding, christenings, communions, business scene, etc., making your request, receive proposal restaurants and talk directly with them through this application on the needs of your event. It is easy, Fast and free.

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