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Google Maps offers photos of the most popular dishes in restaurants


Last update Google Maps It brings additional surprises that had not appeared in the report of company specifications.

User Twitter Taylor Wimberley It found that the interface now presented new pictures of the most successful dishes every local.

To make it, on Google have not had those responsible for the restaurants but have preferred to rely on the community contributions. Through crowdsourcing customers passing through establishments can help improve company profiles, without the manager or responsible for business communications have to lift a finger.

The photos appear in the menu section, Clicking on the tab of popular dishes. Those creations in this service camaraderie is pleased to provide the guests sitting at the tables shown local.

One wonders how the popularity of the dish is quantified and how they decide which dishes are presented in the profile Google Maps. The system operates very simply: analyzes the content of the reviews left by customers and extract what dishes are being most frequently mentioned or shared in the form of instant.

The new Google Maps utility is a step forward for both restaurateurs and customers.

For restaurant owner puts in value the assets of the restaurant, especially the good work in the kitchen, and thanks to them you can have a greater impact on those internet users who visit profile online for one reason or another. Google Maps has become in recent years a tool of marketing digital Of great usefulness for catering business, it allows the presence restaurant geolocalizar, segmenting the offer in the city and favoring a stronger digital presence on the Internet.

On the other hand, the customer also leaves clearly benefited. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to expect when we read the reviews of a profile Google My Business o similar. Even resorting to criticism more elaborate as we can find in TripAdvisor O Yelp we better port. And it is that a picture is worth a thousand words, thus have photographs of renowned dishes that give the place is helpful when making a decision. Knowing that we will not regret later easier encouraged to eat out.

Since Google has not commented about this new, Some techies They think that it could be a Pilot experience. While some photographs appear customized profiles, others are decorated with generic images. The rumors suggest that Google might be mixing tools image recognition and machine learning while employing the crowdsourcing, all with the purpose of detecting the level of overlap between an approximation and other.

Restaurants misplaced find changes in their profiles Google Maps may request an edit no problem, and if it is confirmed that there is a problem, this will be resolved with alacrity as possible.

We will see what is this new giant bet information, for now the restaurants have won a digital showcase more colorful.

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