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Google Maps could become the “Super App” for restaurants


The number of tools Google has developed so that businesses can reach their potential clientele is difficult to quantify. From its own search engine to run from digital advertising AdWords or chips Google My Business, a large number of digital solutions subsidiary Alphabet He has released and they have to see, One way or another, with marketing or marketing digital.

Although initially was not intended, Google Maps fall under this definition. Conceptually it intended as an interactive map that covered everyone, a sort of street globally that users could consult when sintiesen lost. Today continues to maintain this fundamental function, but Google Maps is much more.

With 1000 million regular users, Google Maps prepares to leave one of the features that had been identified so far: and free use your ad. No, basic users will not have to pay a single penny, payment features are restricted to applications of business interest: Sponsored locations and promotional recommendations. Also they have to pay those developers of websites or software who want to embed the mapping system into their applications.

With this step forward Google Maps aims to break away from competing services such as Bing Maps, Apple Maps O Waze, and you take advantage of them. The shift to a monetized future will not be free of obstacles, European regulations on privacy and competition could jeopardize plans Google.

Concerns have already been heard by Philipp Schindler, Google SVP and CBO. According to their statements personalized recommendations that will soon be available through Google Maps they will be executed optionally and always ensure user privacy. The goal is to show opportunities or nearby businesses without degrading the experience who rely on Google mapping services.

For more than a year ago it had been anticipated a change in how to operate Google Maps. In summer 2018 Navigation instructions software They started using restoration shops as Starbucks O Dunkin Donuts as a beacon to indicate when a change in direction or diversion was necessary.

Dunkin Donuts had also been involved with app Mobile previously, this time with McDonald’s. Since 2017, regardless of the searches that the user had made, the screen showed very visual markers indicating the presence of a hamburger or donut shop brands mentioned. Far from being a reserved for large restoration utility franchises organized, these striking pins were accessible to all businesses interested to buy an advertising package online for Google Maps.

According to some market estimates, Google Maps will be worth 8000 million dollars in 2021. This estimate could fall short if Google Maps aims to become a SuperApp, a app holistic from which you can perform any action without recourse to other specialized applications minor.

Just this the way you seem to have taken on Google. If experts are correct analysts, Maps Google's competitors would no longer be the apps mapping existing mobile market; its place as rivals occupy other superapps under expansion as may be WeChat, Meituan O Grab.

How does all this at marketing for restaurants, local small industry and organized restoration?

The future of the restaurants in Google Maps

And Google Maps effectively becomes a point of shopping from navigating, restaurants have a privileged position from the outset, since for years Google has been concerned that its mapping project integrate all information Google My Business provided by the restorers themselves; information, Images and user-generated reviews; and booking tools, Contact, requests online, programming takeout and the like, in cases where it has given a cooperation with the business in question duly accredited.

It is in the last segment of the list where Google can completely change the rules of the game. For example, speaking of reservations, these are not managed by the software giant; its role is to serve as an intermediary for companies like ElTenendor, Cover Manager, OpenTable O Losers care of the rest. But if you want to monetize Google Maps Alphabet, reservations and other tasks could be done natively through app, so that the committees that normally goes to other companies begin to deposit on Google.

Considering that mobile searches conducted through Google in local areas now account 50 percent of total, options Google Maps settings require the user a lot of information about your preferences, and Google has been preparing for this market segment copar (remember the high-profile acquisition Zagat), it is obvious that efforts to advance the company will be fully rewarded.

And the restaurants that are committed to technology will have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the new tessitura. Using packages marketing for restaurants, some establishments stand out above others in the Google Maps interface; on other occasions you'll want to show our business as an alternative option when the user performs a search that fits our niche but is oriented towards our competitors; and who will give more exotic applications, and travelers who are on a large scale to detect the arrival of a flight by offering discounts Google Flights and positioning the diner possible thanks to the GPS functionality of Google Maps.

If Google Maps ends up becoming a SuperApp, the possibilities are almost endless restorers.

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