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Google Maps and tells you how long you have to wait to sit and eat


Do you have the time to eat right and you can not lose queuing? Now you can know where you should go if you need to make a reservation and you can not stop too long. Google Maps and informs you on your iPhone tiempo de espera que hay en un restaurante.

The last update for iOs, version 4.4.7, tells you this so crucial to whether reserve / go or no parameter to an establishment, especially, when you do not have a second to lose.

Google Maps calculates waiting time in a million restaurants spread 12 cities of the world. Two of them are Madrid and Barcelona. The rest, NY, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, The Angels, New Delhi, Moscow, Singapore, Budapest y Kiev.

If you already had this application as basic to install on your mobile device, today amounts to the category of essential.

Until recently we could meet how busy was a restaurant at a certain time but not knowing what the waiting time for a table and sit down to eat.

That has changed. Now, on the screen of our mobile, iOs the updated Google Maps app will show various parameters: what it is the time zone of rush hour, the usual average time expected at a certain time and, novelty!, What is the maximum waiting time at that time.

In the new interface, it appears bar graph where the flow is reflected to the establishment at different times Y, with this update, we can see the symbol of a hourglass that indicates the average waiting time at that moment. One thing to keep in mind when potential customer must decide where to eat.

Google's goal is provide information and application as useful and functional as possible for the user.

We can also find some relevant data during the time when the establishment is open: the average period people often spend time there and more conducive to go if we want to wait in line. Two data has already shown us the app for some time both iOS and Android. Para verlos todos sólo tenemos que transitar por las diferentes horas y fechas que nos permite la app de Google Maps.

Location History, information source Google

The information that this update provides is based on the 'location history', the source that feeds Google. The data from When a person goes to a restaurant and how long it stays there, filtered through search algorithms, we shed the period of maximum and approximate waiting at a certain point in each particular restaurant.

This new version available for iOS has also suffered a change in the design category reviews with the aim of making it more functional and intuitive and the potential customer takes less time to obtain the information that will determine its final decision to go to one or the other restaurant, what time and what day.

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