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Google Maps and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend restaurants and dishes


Google continues to enhance its mapping application par excellence. Will the rumors that suggest that Alphabet Google Maps want to convert into a SuperApp? as we presaged in this newspaper a few weeks and in this article “Google Maps could become the "Super App" for restaurants”. Everything seems to be aligned in that direction.

The latest development in the saga concerns the implementation tools artificial intelligence Y machine learning (machine learning) in the famous app mobile. With them, the information giant aims to provide a better user experience to anyone who uses their mobile device or desktop computer to search for a nearby restaurant.

The new system with learning capability allows Google Maps to evaluate the different options in the vicinity of the user, judge which are best suited to the tastes and needs of the potential customer, and report the best choice with dishes that have higher chances that like.

To get it, Google Maps uses two data sources. On the one hand interprets settings made by the user with regard to food preferences and environment. Moreover collects all Poured information Google My Business as reviews are left by users, photos of the dishes served in the lounge or recommendations drafted by the very restorers. All these data are collated and then issues a personalized recommendation, which it is presented on the screen app mobile for the Internet user has the last word in the process.

This system aims to improve the range of services provided by Google Maps, but that's not the only thing to be achieved. According to officials of the project, AI that power this innovation also the customer will be more satisfied, As it expected spurred consumption and Create loyal clientele in restaurants recommended. As well reduce the time spent when booking a table or order for consumption off the premises. All this will better position Google interactive street map, against alternatives Bing, Apple O Waze.

The recommendation system for machine learning has become operational in Android. Although during the first months the recommendations of the restaurants may not be completely reliable, as time passes and generate new system information processing nodes that result in better results, AI chanced increasingly with its recommendations.

The app Mobile will not be limited only to local recommend, but also dare with the dishes contained in your letter. To learn what impressions are automatic tool, users Google Maps They have to go to the tab "Overview". There you will find what the item that software is more advisable.

Although this is only a small addition to the already wide range of utilities Google Maps, This is a step towards the ultrapersonalización pursue both technology companies related to the world of restoration from 2018. Of course, As it was said at the beginning of the article, this development also puts Google Maps one step closer to becoming a holistic application that fits all; that is to say, in a SuperApp.

Certainly in the coming months we will see other interesting developments are coming to the mapping tool. And of course, many of them will be very useful for professionals involved in the world of restoration.

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