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Google could show letters and restaurant menus in their search results


The Google search engine is testing the inclusion of letters or restaurant menus in search results that offers users.

The rumor comes from the image below:

Google may show in search results cards and restaurant menus

In the picture we see in the enlarged tab that appears next to search results included a link to the restaurant's menu, by using the website

Asked about this topic, a Google spokesman answered, which are constantly experimenting to expand the content and information that offer users looking for a particular restaurant, but currently it is only evidence.

Nor they have clarified whether the letters of the restaurants will be linked from the website of the restaurant or from portals or aggregators letters menus.

Based on my experience, analyzing data navigation many sites restaurants, one of the most popular content is always la carte menu, Google is aware of this fact and seems to want to offer added value to its users showing this information directly in search results.

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