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Google prepares an app to pay with mobile in restaurants


Technology is increasingly present in our daily multiplying the application usage. The technology industry has set its sights on the payment over the phone. Some applications, without a doubt, will transform the payments restaurants making them simpler, private and secure.

Google is investigating a new app that allow you to pay in establishments without removing the phone purse or pocket, Thanks to the technology known as hands-free payments. Another technology giant that invests in the economic sector, thus uniting technology to the economy.

During the annual developer conference in San Francisco, the technology giant announced that it has partnered with the fast food chain McDonald’s Y Papa John’s to launch this futuristic technology. This experiment will take place in the Bay Area.

Google explained that this app is still in testing. The details of the payment are still fuzzy and is what most disconcerts. During the conference the security or privacy of the data which will protect consumers can not explain. This is a very important factor because they need to trust in these aspects for customers to use the app.

The company announced that it is an experiment but thanks to Bluetooth technology consumers can trust that payment will be made safely. They explained that they will use this mode when paying because this user feels more control, have your mobile phone closer and with it the confidence to make payment. Once they made the purchase through this system, are notified of the amount they have paid thus confirming the amount.

Google has not been the only one to put your focus on facilitating the payment to consumers. The technology industry is increasingly investing in research thus pay through mobile devices. A new point to explore and exploit to expedite the process and thus consumption under the theory that digital payment is more beneficial than pay cash or card.

already 2011 the company Square He began using the hands-free technology payments. Since then numerous companies, as Apple, They have opted for different systems to make payments. In 2013, PayPal opted for a new similar technique called Beacon which payment was made with different devices stores via Bluetooth.

During the conference in San Francisco, besides reflecting on the payment system hands-free payments, Google unveiled its new portfolio of payment via mobile devices called Android Pay.

We are facing an experiment that reach port, will expedite a process facilitating consumer customers restaurants. One more application that takes us into an uncertain future but in which, no doubt, technology will be the main attraction.

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  1. I am not convinced with what is mentioned here, I sincerely think that there are many elements that have not been taken into account. But I really value your exhibition, it's a good post.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hello Rioja restaurants, Thank you very much for your comment.
      You will understand that it is very difficult to cover all the points of view related to a subject such as payment in establishments, Nevertheless, we try to offer, in a limited space, a clear exposition of this innovative form of payment in restaurants, trying to make it as clear as possible.

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