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Google wants to bring free drive to restaurant patrons


Was Google itself that some years ago coined the term “Search Quality”, a target to achieve the best results in the searches that users perform.

But it seems that Google in this obsession to add value in their searches and offer new opportunities for its advertisers AdWords, You want to take an important step, incorporating additional services that support the movement of users.

To understand this new approach, the first thing I want is to see the next picture, a prototype mobile ad that Google has patented and is ready to launch:

Google wants to bring drive to restaurant patrons

As you can see in the picture it is an announcement of a restaurant where a special discount is offered, quite common, but the novelty is in the red box that I highlighted. It offers the user the possibility to request a taxi from a free way to take you to the restaurant.

Google wants to link your ads with mobile transport services to facilitate customer access to restaurants and, definitely, any company that can you specify.

A restaurant could offer a choice of lunch or dinner, along with a free shuttle service to users within a specific geographic area

further, Google posé all the necessary technology to develop this service, because it can geotag the customer and through Google Maps and GPS, trace the route to the destination restaurant, calculating the time needed to collect customer and bring it to the restaurant.

You can even get very interesting facts to raise new jobs in the future depending on different factors as may be: the number of customers, the proximity of the user, the time of day when transportation is needed, habits and even the profitability of customers through their purchase history, to offer this free service and all, Of course, in real time.

One of the most significant data demonstrating the interest of Google for these services, is that He has invested more than 250 million in Uber, the main application that connects passengers with drivers and that currently operates in more than 70 cities in the world.

But it seems that this does not end here and the piece that does fit all this strategy and the great idea of ​​the future, are cars that Google is developing driverless, that would become the elements necessary mobility to transport users.

Google driverless car

The truth is that science fiction have components, but I assure you it is a real project and as always succeed if a benefit and contribution of value to businesses and customers.

What do you think of this project Google?Do you think it will be an incentive to bring more customers to the restaurants?

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