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Google wants to show inside restaurants


Google does not conform to walk down the street with Google Street View, it seems that now wants to enter the restaurants to take a virtual tour inside them.

They are working on a pilot project to include panoramic images of the inside of the restaurants and other establishments.

Shows the inside of your restaurant on Google

The objective of Google is that you can walk around the city and visit restaurants that want, can make a visual and virtual tour restaurant.

The decision show inside restaurants It depends on owners, because we must not forget the right to privacy. In this sense Google says that the owners of the premises will be those who have to inform their customers about making photographs, but Google has promised pixelate the face of customers.

For now and for the launch of this service, Street View team has chosen restaurants and London, Paris, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and USA

But it seems that there is a company in the United States is ahead of Google, in particular have created a iPhone app Y iPad which allows entering and restaurants.

The name of the application is Eats, and the goal is to make a virtual tour of the restaurant in order to have more information to make your reservation.

At present there is a trial in the cities of San Francisco and Seattle, but soon will be launched in New York, The Angels, Chicago y Washington.

You can also share all information with your friends on your favorite social network, search for restaurants by location, by price and category.

You can see a demo of Boston editing application for iPhone in the video below:

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