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Google wants you to pay in restaurants saying: “Pay with Google”


It seems that the technology giant continues its obsession with providing value added services to the restaurant industry. Now he wants A customer is able to pay for their food simply giving an order with your voice without his wallet and phone, ultimately without moving a single finger as shown in the following video:

Google is testing its new system called “Google Hands Free” in some restaurants in Silicon Valley in California, what It allows paying customers saying aloud “I want to pay with Google”.

To use this system customers must register for the free application and include a profile picture. The app uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location services and other sensors to detect the phone if the customer is near a restaurant that allows such payments.

When you are ready to pay, you just have to tell the cashier at the restaurant “I want to pay with Google”. At that time their identities are confirmed, using the initials and profile photo. The process has ended.

In some restaurants you are experimenting, through cameras using visual identification, to further simplify the process and avoid having to have a person to perform intermediating payment, It is the camera which identifies the person. According to Google all these data are immediately deleted, They are not saved nor send their servers, even the restaurant can access them.

Paying with mobile in restaurants, an obsession with Google

Google has had a long and complicated history with payment systems, when the 2011 launched its “Google Wallet” he finished replacing its current “Android Pay” At the end of the year 2015.

This new system “Hands Free” It works the same for Android users (Jelly Bean v4.2 +) that iPhone (4S +).

It can be used in some restaurants and franchises of McDonald's and Papa John's Pizza located in the Bay of California.

Google to encourage and promote its use is applying a discount 5$ the first payment made using this system in restaurants and at authorized stores.

Although the system is in an experimental phase, it seems that the first tests meet the objective of facilitating and provide comfort service, practically disappears pay action, although undoubtedly it starts a long way in the security issue.

In this sense Google confirms that Payments are made in a trusted environment, restaurants never get to know the data card customer, it receives an instant notification on your own phone once payment has been made. Undoubtedly the data encryption is an advantage for the hotel that does not have to worry about protecting them.

It even appears that Google will alert users with this application any activity that might be unusual or suspicious to prevent fraud.

Customers want to pay with mobile in restaurants

According to Association of American Restaurants more and more customers are interested in using payment systems via mobile phone in restaurants.

According to his data the 20% of smartphone consumers use a mobile app at least once a month to pay at the restaurant and the 6% it does at least once a week.

He 39% of smartphone users say they use the mobile payment in restaurants if this option was available.

Given these data it is clear that more and more American restaurants are beginning to raise the inclusion of payment systems through mobile in their business.

In fact, in the fast food segment the 43% operators say they offer the possibility of paying via mobile phone and the 26% He says it is considering for inclusion in the next year.

In the segment of casual food 31% He says it already offers its customers and 25% it will implement over the next year.

There is no doubt that the “huge opportunity” which involves managing millions of transactions in restaurants is making many companies related to technology, hospitality or finance position themselves in this market, but fortunately, the end will be the customer who says what is the best system.

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