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Google wants you to be your guide to restaurants


Google is giving away free storage on Drive to get customer reviews on restaurants and thus compete with sites like Tripadvisor or Yelp

Google still clearly betting on the content related to restaurants as you know it is a very important source of traffic on your browser, and therefore wants become a restaurant guide in exchange for a number of benefits.

Restaurant recommendations in Google Maps

He offers you, to share opinions about the restaurants you visit, a rewards program, besides that your comments may be visible from Google Maps.

Guía local de restaurantes para Google

Once you're signed into your program, you have to download the latest update of Google Maps in Android O iPhone to begin to include opinions.

You have a personal section with the total points, the level reached, the list and suggestions, You can also identify people who have served Help your comments or your images.

The system will qualify based on the quality and quantity of information. If you add images in addition to your opinion you get more points, also you can do if you add new locations, corriges outdated information about a restaurant or answering a few simple questions.

The scoring system works the second form:

  • level 1 (0 – 4 points): it allows you enter competitions that make Google form you. Get the monthly bulletin of local guides and join workshops and Hangouts.
  • level 2 (5 – 49 points): scoop you access to new features and product launches Google that and you can promote your own meet-ups on the calendar of local guides.
  • level 3 (50 – 199 points): get a badge “Local guides in Google Maps”. Participate with other local guides Google+ communities. Receive invitations to events sponsored by Google in a particular city.
  • level 4 (200 – 499 points): 1 TB Google Drive storage and you receive an annual thank you gift.
  • level 5 (500 points or more): become an Insider Google, testing new products before public release, you can go to the annual event on Google Local guides where you can meet other people who have also contributed to the guides, Google explore the campus and learn about Google Maps.

Each contribution you make with a new opinion is a point, although depending on the information you add about the restaurant can get up to five points for a place.

Restaurant Reviews via Google Maps

It seems clear that Google Maps is the most widely used application to find the address of restaurants or businesses nearby, but when making the decision to choose which users often migrate to other applications where they have more information and can even Restaurant booking online, and this is precisely what Google wants to avoid this new initiative, get users to make the decision within the environment Google Maps.

Here's the video presentation:

If you want comvertirte in Google guide you can already register yourself in the following link:

Local Guides enter

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  1. Hello everyone!
    My name is Roberto Garcia and I have in this program over two years. Formerly called City Experts. Since 2 years until a few months, it is true that Google has done very many events and fun, unique and original for which we provide quality in their platform how to improve Google Maps by reviews, correcting errors and uploading pictures of the place.
    I am very happy and I have met incredible people where we have similar tastes by technology, andoid and Google in general.
    You can see several photos of the events that Google has made in Madrid that I have been invited, on my Instagram and Twitter, with the same name you can find me by @RuperBass
    They have also given me the confidence to moderate Local Guides community of Madrid on Google+.
    I encourage you to get incorporéis and as soon the level 5 This curious recognition program and recommendations from Google.
    Greetings Diego and all your readers!

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