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Google reduce a 3 the number of restaurants with maximum visibility


Since mid 2015 local businesses have seen their role diminished when doing a search over the Internet, because more than half of those who appeared at first glance now need up to two clicks to be found.

They say comparisons are odious and true. But not all, because when we are the beneficiaries do attract our attention. And if not just ask the giant Google, as a search tool that wins them all: It is the most innovative, the most accurate, the fastest and highest quality offering.

All these distinctions make, as it could not be otherwise, in the search for excellence: with more of 7.200 million views each day and a 62.74% market share. Nevertheless, These figures are not the result of chance but of hard work by thousands of people; such is the effort made by that algorithm Google It is one of the most evolved throughout the year, nail 500 updates which are equivalent to one change each 17,5 hours-.

Evolutions Google Search

Last August, Google undertook one of the largest changes as to SEO positioning local search, as certain business coffee shops, restaurants or hotels saw the results were reduced by 7 a 3.

Google Search previous version

previous version of Google Search

Google Search current version

Current version of Google SearchLooking at the two images we can point out several modifications in terms of design, description and location:

1. It is obvious that Google He wanted to develop a much more clean and clear design for the surfer, it has eliminated the option to click on one of the restaurants to be deployed tab My Business with more images and useful information.

If now we want to know more about the business, By clicking on it a second page that description and detailed company opens As in My Business, precise location, older, a list displayed the 19 Main competitors of the same.

Picture Alicante Restaurant

So, it has to be said that the abolition of 4 results on the main screen is compensated on the new page with the inclusion of a total of 20 local results.

2. as we see, in the current version it has been deleted one of the columns so that the information is concentrated at one point and so the reader finds it more easily at a glance.

3. The new browser also Removed phone numbers, website business and full address, and the identifying balloon which allowed to place it on the map.

4. Conversely, It included two critical data such as business hours and a brief description of the activity that each of the three establishments.

More changes in local search Google for restaurants

The most widely used Internet search engine not only invented as we have seen above- also it reinvents itself in order to provide better service to the user. Months before they agreed to reduce the number of local results, in consecuense, altering the traditional functioning of the page, He had already made various tests for a single presentation.

this experiment He aimed to replace the miniature map that appeared in local search for restaurants or hotels with an image of the same. For what purpose? this initiative, already consolidated today, was conceived by the mere fact that the location is not as important -since it is a local search- as a related image showing the business.

Earlier versionprevious version local search Google for restaurants

Current versionCurrent version local search Google for restaurants

This example shows how despite being a minimum variation, the thumbnails in the image below say much more than their predecessors. Given that half of all visits to Google are made from smartphones, we have tried to liken the computer search to mobile devices -and that the latter began long before working with an appearance similar to the current.

The convergence between the two technologies is, so, much more important than it seems because This is the surfer to feel comfortable and that it does not find differences in search results regardless of the means used.

Local search results for restaurants 2016

Although soon it is a year of arrival of all these innovations in the user interface is much the path that lies ahead. This is because a large number of restaurants -also hotels- Internet continue without renewing its image, being phased out against its major competitors. I have several tests it here:

1. The first is starring two restaurants: Rañadero 37, which is putting in Google “restaurants Ponferrada”; Y Casa Lobato, on the search engine by typing “Oviedo restaurants”. As we can observe, neither has updated its photo thumbnail, keeping in place the location of the establishment.

Restaurant image Ponferrada“restaurants Ponferrada”

Oviedo restaurant image“Oviedo restaurants”

2. If one is “forget” to change the main image, others neglect the new inclusion of data such as opening hours and closing. This occurs at various restaurants, some of which are typing in Google “Valladolid restaurants”. By clicking on one of the three results obtained, we see how on the second page there are several who do not update their information –Le Bistro, Aquarium Y Patxi's Vineyard– and how you need to press on one of them for the drop, Yes now, give us exactly business hours.

restaurant ValladolidScreenshot “Valladolid restaurants”

In any case, The important thing for all these restaurants is to appear in search Google and have the best SEO positioning Y, as demonstrated, all they cited above they succeed. And is that the fact of being among the results with maximum visibility paves the way for hundreds of thousands of establishments; yes, without detracting from other search engines are renowned as Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Baidu O Yandex, which may be as useful as Google and so they have millions of users own.

It would be interesting to make a comparison of all of them to see the best of each. Anyone that has tried all he volunteers?

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