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Google launches into the food home with all its technological machinery


Google He has launched monetization machinery. The titanic database users has begun to be used to take economic performance. The first example we have seen in Google Maps, where businesses can now highlight their location over rivals, as well as appearing on the recommendations of certain searches made by the user.

Google recently launched a new integration with Google Assitant, Google Search and Google Maps will benefit both the parent company, Alphabet, and users and restaurateurs who use services giant information.

It is a Ordering tool online natively by applications previously mentioned. Although there is the possibility of making takeaway in person, The system is designed to have the cooperation of food delivery companies specialized in this type of home deliveries.

So far confirmed participation Postmates, by Dash, ChowNow, y Slice, but it is not ruled out that in the near future join other; for example, already it announced that in the coming months will be signed collaboration Zuppler, and will expand to other countries in the world.

Ad, which it was made public through the company blog, currently only has cashed in apps mobile and desktop. To use the utility must seek the "Order online» is Google Maps button in apps and Google Search. In case Assitant, instead of a button an extension of voice commands that are already in use today use.

It has also emerged that the new function It may be used in conjunction with Google Pay to use the company purse easily and quickly without incurring bank surcharges. A luxury for US citizens. UU., which will be the first to enjoy this new utility brought from the hand of Google.

Finally, a small animation published alongside the rest of the press release showed readers how to use this tool. Very similar to how it is usually done in current versions, applications that will integrate the new functionality will be used as follows:

  • The user will search the restaurant where you want to place your order online. To do so you can surf the net or by mapping systems, or use any of the options existing recommendation. For Google Maps, These recommendations may be made for geographic location if access to integrated GPS device on the mobile user terminal is activated.
  • The application will then list the options. Not all restaurants will be from the beginning because business owners must apply as collaborators appear before appearing in search results.
  • When you click on one of the restaurants participating in the experience, the user has the option place your order with options home food delivery, takeaway Y checkout. Here you can also get to menu to choose the items you want to taste. Finally, when the order is in order, just select the company repartidora, if the restaurant works with more than one.
  • To finish the process you just have to confirm the order and pay with Google Pay or any other wallet or bank account associated with our profile Google user.

Meanwhile, Ask for Google Assistant not very different from the above steps. Of course, in the virtual assistant operations are executed after ordering voice commands.

To facilitate the process at times when orders are placed at the same restaurant again and again, Google Assistant has a command called "ask again" ("Reorder" in the original English) which allows us to recommend an order that already did on another occasion, thus effectively skipping all the steps that must guide the wizard. This saves considerable time and improves customer user experience.

The service will soon be available worldwide. Nor it takes long to reach Google Smart Displays, thus it is evidenced the interest Google for undertaking reforms in the way information monetized users.

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