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Google ends with the lines at restaurants adding timeouts


Google has just launched a new section on its search and Maps Report timeout there in restaurants. While this service, that will make everyone happy support those who do not get to your favorite restaurant and find a queue descuadre you the whole plan, It will first be available for the search, It is also expected to soon reach Maps.

This is a breakthrough that will allow many users looking restaurant through Google searchers, significantly improve your experience because they can check the waiting time in each place and avoid queues.

Thus each client / user can choose the time perfect to go to your chosen restaurant does not accept reservations when, an increasingly common option.

Google has just launched a new section on its search and Maps to report the time out there in restaurants.

Cómo visualizar los tiempos de espera en cada restaurante

To access this information, users must locate the restaurant that are interested in knowing if timeout, they will do so through Google's own widget, where a new section will show through a bar graph peaks waiting there at a certain time.

Times offered the new section of Google their searches, They are based on anonymous historical data, in an overall estimate result fairly reliable weather forecasts. It is very similar to what happens with popular times and duration of visits, the company says.

This information, which from now on you will enjoy all Google users who are looking for a restaurant, It will help you to avoid boring and tedious while also expect those minutes may invest in more productive tasks until it's our turn to sit at the table.

Una nueva oportunidad de ofrecer la mejor imagen digital de tu restaurante

Definitely, observamos en esta novedad cómo la digitization y la mejora constante de las nuevas tecnologías cada vez son más importantes para la hostelry, que es uno de los sectores que debe adaptarse con más rapidez a esta nueva forma de entender la sociedad, since the doors of the restaurants are now digital.

Of course, si quieres ofrecer la mejor imagen digital de tu restaurante, is almost an obligation to provide as much information as possible, in order to make life easier for users, our customers, and ultimately improve their experience.

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