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Google and millennials killed the restaurant guide Zagat… Is this the the Infatuation the rise again?


It had only been three days since the start of 2018 when he jumped the first information bombshell in the world of restoration. Reuters Google revealed that, filial Alphabet, I was exploring the possibility of selling Zagat. The news, even painted rumor at that time, they just materialize last day 5 of March.

Service Restaurant Reviews Zagat: prosperity, uncertainty, decline and possible rebirth

If the name Zagat does not sound, you're not alone. It is no coincidence that the acquisition by The Infatuation suppose the second time that ownership will change hands guide.

Born in 1979, Zagat is a publishing house dedicated to the creation of restaurant guides in the American field. Your guides have been the alpha and omega for many fans of good food that, guided by their successful reviews, They could easily find where to take an appetizing morsel in any of the 70 analyzed cities.

In 2011, Google took over the company to disburse 125 millions of dollars. The virtual disappearance of the iconic manuals did not wait, as they had already prophesied market analysts. He technology giant was not interested in continuing the service of restaurant critic offered by Zagat. The database accumulated over nearly four decades was the real goal of Google.

Since then, Zagat was nothing but a skeleton of what had once been. After withstand prolonged waiting, a restaurant guide published drastically cut. Only a 12% of the original cities were covered.

A new digital era restaurant guides

In the middle of 2011, Google presented the app Zagat Mobile when they were on the table they play Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Eater, OpenTable e Immaculate Infatuation; The current Infatuation who has dared to buying Zagat.

Being late to the game and lack of connection with a new user demographic They left the previously acclaimed restaurant guide in check.

If a user wanted recommendations for eating well, Why he is determined to offer Zagat ranking lists drawn and opinion? For young people born in the age of information, these inefficiencies did not make sense, reaching application qualify as a foreign conspiracy to lose weight.

Exejecutiva plans of Google Marissa Mayer (now working for Yahoo) Zagat to bring the glory they were overshadowed by a grim reality. Zagat was dead in life. When Google began efforts directed towards social networks and cartography geolocalizadas, Zagat became a toxic asset what, besides not contributing anything, harmed the company.

So good databases of the once successful restaurant guide They were integrated into Google Maps, expenses incurred to maintain small web team exceeded the estimated benefits.

During the last months of 2017 Google was behind a buyer for the company, with the same modus operandi in its latest sales (Boston Dynamics, Schaft y Terra Bella): private meetings with various stakeholders in which any economic information permeating abroad.

Finally, The Infatuation has been who has been poisoned apple. In a fusion of the most unexpected, bienqueridas restaurant guides the paper will pass work closely with app gastronomic reviews of the acquiring company. The amount by which the transaction has been agreed upon has not yet been revealed.

The Infatuation is confident the benefits of Zagat

Andrew Steinthal, co-founder and director of The Infatuation income, let out a joke on Twitter alluding to the illusion that made this acquisition: "When you buy the company that inspired your own ...".

With Chris Stang, Zagat's new owners were glad to have taken this opportunity. When they met ago 18 years thanks to the intervention of Jon Landman, co-owner of marketing agency The Syndicate, on the set of Total Request Live MTV, They never thought about what life might hold them.

Owners of the currently most popular applications and sites reviews, creators and comic at the same time Useful hashtag #EEEEEATS Instagram, these two escapees intend to continue giving musicians' restaurant reviews for the people "in a new business stage.

As already they indicated in their day to broadcasters gastronomic Heritage Radio Network station, during the interview conducted in the program All in the Industry in late May 2016, The Infatuation pretende seguir strengthening its brand image, increasing the value provided its users and the level of confidence demonstrated by the same, improving dining experiences of people, at the same time that increase the volume of content first; very complicated matter and that sheds light on the motivation behind the purchase of Zagat.

Chris Stang joined the enthusiasm of his partner during the press release: "We are excited by this opportunity to acquire a guide to restaurants as a pioneer and reliable". He added shortly after "iconic brands are often not available, and Zagat is as iconic as you can become. Is the perfect complement to what we have been erecting en The Infatuation».

The original conception of Chris and Andrew reaches over three million people per month, helping them find a restaurant tailored to your needs thanks to a near and situational content with which users app Mobile feel identified. With Zagat database, a titanic compilation of views, critics, reviews and comprehensive analyzes by avid consumers, intended continue the editorial style the peculiar flap burgundy guides, as well as extend the questionnaires through a new approach based on technology and services to new communities, including those outside the US. THE.

Zagat will remain thus a separately under the new management initiative. Thus, It is expected to "take this strong brand and continue growing it" to attend other purposes The Infatuation, revaluing the aggregation of views crowdsourcing front view only employee by Chris and Andrew in your company.

The two working platforms coupled, but independently, will serve catalyst for the growth of the group, reached "more people faster ', as he indicated by Chris Stang for CNBC.

We have no doubt that this will be.

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