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Google already enables direct bookings to get to restaurants


We all agree on the importance Google has digitally when positioning our business and markedly influences the same. Since Food Fighters always we insist our clients about the need to address, configure and update all the information that shows Google about your business because it is fundamental. In fact, if the world's largest web search engine (followed by Chinese Baidu) Our image is not correct or you want, we must be aware that our restaurant will be seriously affected. Because, If you have not yet done so, Begin to take action on the matter and 😉

The fact is that among the facilities which we already had in Google if we made use of a correct configuration manager MyBusiness, It was the power which was indicated by the external link way to run our local reservations. This link stood prominent in the Overview pane through a SERP (Abbreviation of “Search Engine Results Pages” and means Result Pages in Search) or directly via Google Maps.

As well, since no high weeks ago, manage book directly with Google is already possible through the button "Book a table". The big news is that the process is carried out from the same browser interface, an integrated manner, without resorting to any external link. A button, Besides, It is visible from any device following a distribution such as that pictured below.

This function provides users check availability that has a certain business and generate immediate booking. This facility initially tested in USA with the management platform reservations OpenTable and it is now available in our country hand friends ElTenedor, that a highly intelligent alliance with Google make clear once again that they are always at the forefront. A facility that multiplies the possibilities of converts generate among potential customers.

Once you press the button, let's meet real-time availability to book tables and schedules available, can generate an instant booking. The first thing you will find the option to search a table where we can enter the number of diners, the date and time desired (it does not have to match the schedule that has the restaurant).

We will also have access to a menu / overview where we see specific details of the place where we want to reserve. Here is an example generated from a desktop computer.

In this case, we want to make a reservation at the Eat & Speak (A restaurant in Alicante, by the way, we strongly recommend the) for him 29/10 to 16:30h and Google automatically shows us that at this time it is not possible to book but gives us the options available within a time range that spans between 14:30and h 18:30h in this case.

As we like the chosen date, we opted for it and 15:00h and at that time, it appears in a pop-up screen that invites us to finalize the booking process with personal data As name, surnames, telephone and e-mail address.

... and that's it. So easy to have finalized our reservation. ¿Simple Truth? Best of all this is that in order to have this functionality is not required by the restaurateurs who work with ElTenedor any intervention and reserves will come directly to your Manager software as with any other reservation. The truth is new customer acquisition window opens before us to allow optimize our occupation.

Finally, officially tell you that and to book a smartphone, giving us instructions Google for a fluid experience booking, Fast and optimized mobile are:

  1. Open the app Google Maps .
  2. Find a restaurant or press one on the map.
  3. For more information, press the name of the restaurant. If the restaurant uses ElTenedor, see section “Search table” with slots available.
  4. If we want to find availability for other slots and a number of different people, we will update the time of booking and the number of people.
  5. We will see a page that our reservation is confirmed. We receive an email confirmation shortly after the fork and if we are also users, Yums also obtain loyalty points and rewards like any other book on this great platform.

Through work with our customers we can confirm you that bookings are already coming this way, so from Food Fighters We can only encourage you to implement 🙂

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  1. The problem with this feature is that the holder is charging us 2 euros per diner reservation through that button and this is unfair and that users reach this button looking for the name of our restaurant on Google. That is to say, are users who already know the restaurant, Fork is profiting from our brand, with brand positioning that the restaurant has been working. It should be possible to be on the fork but this link might lead to the website of the restaurant or the ficjha of the Holder according to the Restaurant prefer

    • Happy to greet Carolina. effectively, the Google button arouses controversy and no wonder. Companies that are happening online booking which reach agreements with Google to exercise this function. Regarding profit, if you think, the same happens with TripAdvisor, what “does business” with the views generated about businesses that are not yours. Online media changed the rules. You can say that if you work with a fork, You have to negotiate your commission and review the plan that works with them, FOR the PRO +, since the second does not include costs generated bookings via Google. Similarly, We know of cases where the restorer has asked the online booking platform shift the withdrawal of its Google button is held. I hope this info can be useful. regards, Food Fighters.

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