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Greta Thunberg offers “licking stones at restaurants is the most environmentally friendly option” Is the geovoría the future of sustainable restoration?


Few media have echoed one of the most disruptive proposals of the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg during his visit to Madrid.

On the last day of negotiations, before returning to his native country to regain strength, teen appealed to the catering sector: "We can not continue feeding as we have done so far. The role of restaurants in society is vital, but do not you must be content with only serve one dish at the diner. At lunchtime, licking stones is the most environmentally friendly option. This is the only option supported by the scientific community and we must fight for its adoption energizes ".

The activist then continued his tirade, but these statements recorded by the media were viralizadas on social networks soon. Apart from a overwhelmingly well received by fans of Greta, the girl also received some criticism.

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The yogi inedia, practitioner of the mystical absolute fast of ascetics, Prahlad scope tweeteó furious that the initiative was merely a "palliative crass consumerism, breathe and solearse is enough support for a spiritually healthy body '.

On the other hand, environmental groups show their discontent as to feed the Spanish population would be necessary to extract 51 456 millions of stones of river and coastal courses each year. Microhabitats determinants would destroy small invertebrates and would mean the loss of crucial refuges for the survival of reptiles, amphibians and mammals of reduced dimensions.

With lessons learned from the iniquitous Fashion stacked stones that devastated our landscapes during last summer, most committed environmentalists also warn of obstruction to traffic wildlife and plant colonization, not to mention the logistical problem that the collection and relocation involves licking stones.

In any case, the tastiness of some stones can attract curious. Is the geovoría the future of home restoration and gastronomy? At this time in which the Spaniards have already decorated their Christmas cactus with lights, ornaments and garlands, It does not seem to boulders, rocks and minerals can replace polvorones, marzipan and other delicacies of these dates. Perhaps an increase in global average temperature needed one or two degrees Celsius to raise the population changes in their consumption habits.

Do you guys you atreveríais with a mineral salad or prefer a menu more appropriate for the Day of the Holy Innocents?

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