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TikTok guide to bars and restaurants, why and how to use it in your communication


It is possible that many of you only know this social network because of the controversy that arose as a result of Donald Trump's ban on its use in the United States., but TikTok it was already a very interesting and popular social network before this.

These are some data that prove it:

  • TikTok has 800 million active users per month worldwide (Datareportal, 2020). As published by SensorTower, the application reached the 1.000 million in February 2019, eight months later the 1.500 millions, and by the end of February 2020 reached the 2.000 million downloads.

TikTok is the network of choice for so-called tiktokers, according Globalwebindex in 2019 he 41% of its users of this network are between the ages of 16 Y 24 years. In Spain, the age of most users ranges from 16 and the 25 years, Business of Apps states that tiktokers spend on average 52 minutes a day in the app.

The origin of TikTok is found in the Chinese company Bytedance, owner of the popular Chinese search engine: Toutiao. Launched under the name of Douyin, with a very musical Chinese meaning: “shake the music”, It was launched in September 2016. By changing the name to TikTok, it was intended to evoke the sound of a clock, and that relationship with the reduced duration of its contents. The next step was to buy its rival Musical.ly on 2017 by 1.000 millions of dollars, thus managing to be present in more than 150 markets and in 75 Languages. Currently China, India and the US are its main countries. After this he carried out an aggressive advertising campaign -with influencers and advertisements on networks such as Snapchat O Instagram– that helped him to be known among the youngest, your niche audience.

Recently, before him counterattack carried out by Instagram with its Reels, announced the creation of funds designed, according to the network, to help “support ambitious creators seeking opportunities to foster a livelihood through their innovative content” that will feature 60 million euros in the first year and will increase to a total of at least 255 million in the 2023.

How does TikTok work?

TikTok is an application for iOS Y Android what used to create and share short videos, from 15 a 60 seconds. User participation is measured by "likes", comments and actions.

Among other functions we find, how on Instagram or Twitter, a follower and followed system, a cat for users to talk to each other and a browsing tab to discover the most popular videos of the moment, and the lists of friends and votes.

No need to follow anyone to watch the videos that interest you, just look in "trends" in the app menu.

Why success among young people?

One of the keys may be in the conception of the network. The creators of the application chose the under 18 years defining your target market. his playful and carefree character, creative and highly viral captured the attention of young people from the beginning. This was something that its creators looked for when conceiving the network. The creators, therefore they understood what young people were looking for better than other networks.

Why use this network in restaurants and bars?

In the current situation, some may find communication on social networks superficial or having one more channel of communication. But coronavirus is changing the forms of consumption and communication. Digital communication is no longer an option, it is an obligation and a necessity to keep customers and conquer new. The current reality requires communicate to our clients the services and proposals in the channels they decide, not in those that we think is better to do.

Reasons to use TikTok as a communication channel:

It is well known to all increased use of social media during confinement, many of us have used social content to maintain strong links with our current or potential customers. We know that TikTok is one of the rrss that is growing the most and that behind the young people they will join the adult networks, we should not miss the opportunity to attract these new users to our network and convert them into customers.
We are also aware that the longer it takes to participate in a network, the more difficult it is., due to the competition that is created, be resonant in it. Being a new platform, it has a very high reach potential. Today there is a certain saturation on Instagram and introduce ourselves into this social network with this growth potential it will also help us to differentiate ourselves and reach new customers in different ways.

We already know why we should be on TikTok, now i will go to show you how to take advantage of this network and let us know, But in case anyone still has any questions, I will provide you with more significant data on the potential of this network.

The application of TikTok has more than five million ratings of 5 stars on the App Store. more than 90% of TikTok reviewers give the app 5 stars, settled 315 million times in the first quarter of 2020 Y is the most downloaded application of 2020.

TikTok is a network that will help us generate brand, more than to gain traffic to our website. In TikTok restaurants and bars should show their funniest side, light, teach its ins and outs and do it by pulling a high dose of creativity and imagination.

Account, as it could not be otherwise, with specific pages for companies where to publish their content, and where your followers and potential clients can find you and meet you.

TikTok will require the same as other social networks, who are like those special clients, those we love but who require the best and most current from us, those who are not satisfied with what other customers enjoy and need more attention.

What does this mean? Simple. TikTok needs exclusive content, It does not work for you to bring her content from other networks adapted for her since she has a very marked style and therefore does not carry well adaptations, are detected immediately. We will have to create specific content for this network and get to know the users well. Think carefully about the type of content, how they can contribute to your brand and how you will connect with this audience. Not only do you want exclusive content, but you demand it with a high frequency. The network itself recommends posting about five times a week. What time? the greatest impact is achieved between the 8 and the 12 of the night, but you will have to measure and see when your clients are there and when you have the best result.

TikTok requires you to chat with them and to this end it has created unique functions to engage with its users, like augmented reality tools or the Gaga Dance Machine.

Information exchange is currently configured in a more egalitarian way than in other networks, here the videos are presented so that you can watch a video with few visits and later one with many, which will facilitate improving your profile organically. This is a good reason to start in this network as soon as possible and to grow quickly, before you change your algorithms.

For the same reason another very relevant advantage, is that anyone can make a viral video, you don't need to be an influencer or have a lot of followers.

Tips for launching a Restaurant or Bar on TikTok:

Record how you prepare your dishes, the team environment, real situations at work. In this way you present your proposal and disseminate the environment and the experiences they can live. Organize good contests, a well organized contest, with a good theme, works.
Do you have new proposals? Have you changed the letter? A new cocktail? What are you waiting to upload a video showing it. Does your restaurant offer a show, some attraction? Record a video and post it.

Arrived here, you may be interested in something more than having your profile and attracting potential clients organically, You may be interested in advertising. Let's see what how to create an advertising campaign on TikTok.

How to create an advertising campaign on TikTok Business step by step:

I explain step by step how to create a campaign on TikTok so that you can publicize your Restaurant or Bar.

  • 1) Create an account on TikTok Ad:

Go to the page https://www.tiktok.com/business/ and click on "Start".

You will have to register but it is a simple process.

  • 2) Create an ad campaign:

Once you are inside the TikTok advertising interface, you will have to click on the tab “Bell” and then on the button “Create”.

Then, choose a "objective" for your ad. Right now, TikTok business offers five main options, divided into 3 blocks: Scope, Consideration (divided into web traffic, install app and video display) and Conversion.

How to create a campaign on TikTok Business step by step

You can even configure a test A/B for your ads and see which of the two works best.

Once the objective has been chosen, you must estimate a budget. You can configure between these options: an unlimited budget, a diary “Daily budget” or a total budget “Total budget”.

Once the objective has been chosen, you must estimate a budget. You can configure between these options: an unlimited budget, a newspaper "Daily budget" or a total budget "Total budget".

The system asks us to define a budget here, At the time of writing this article it allows us to enter a campaign budget of € 50 but when configuring it in the next step it does not allow us to create campaigns for less than € 600.

The system asks us to define a budget here

  • 3) Set the locations, details and segmentation:

The next thing we should do is set up ad group that we will use in the campaign. Here we decide: Locations (of the ad) and segmentation.

Here we decide: Locations (of the ad) and segmentation

In the locations you not only choose to advertise on TikTok but you can do it in the related apps, this includes helo, Pangle and a number of news feed apps including TopBuzz, BuzzVideo, News Republic y Babe. If you don't want to complicate yourself or if you choose a simpler solution you can either have a presence only on TikTok or select the option "automatic locations". With this last way, we let TikTok decide where we can have better results. This can be useful at first, but over time we will have to measure which locations give us the best results and optimize investments.

Seguidamente deberas introducir estos datos:

  • URL: URL de la página del sitio web con etiquetas UTM.
  • TikTok Pixel: el pixel de TikTok es obligatorio para optimizar la publicidad.
  • Nombre para mostrar.
  • Imagen de perfil: es la imagen de perfil que se mostrará a tu audiencia formando parte del anuncio. La relación debe ser 1: 1 y no pesar más de 50 KB.
  • Categoría: debemos seleccionar una categoría de anuncios que describa con precisión nuestra promoción.
  • Palabras clave. Merece la pena detenerse en el siguiente apartado. Nos permite definir nuestra web o app con 20 palabras, que a su vez servirán para que nuestro anuncio se muestre a personas que están interesadas en estos termas.
  • Comentario del usuario: si este “Comentario” está desactivado, nuestra audiencia no podrá comentar los anuncios en TikTok, Vigo y Helo.

Llegamos ya al final de este apartado, la posibilidad de definir el público objetivo. Aquí vas a poder seleccionar parámetros como:

  • Ubicación
  • Edad
  • Género
  • Idiomas
  • Dispositivos
  • Comportamiento
  • 4) Fija el presupuesto en TikTok, la duración y los objetivos del grupo de anuncios:

Entramos en la recta final:

  • Presupuesto y calendario.

Selecciona el presupuesto del grupo de anuncios que vas a invertir, puedes hacerlo con una inversión diaria o la cantidad total que quieres invertir en el período de tiempo que tengas la campaña en marcha.

Define las fechas durante las que quieres que esté en marcha la campaña. Existe una opción para seleccionar las horas del día en las que quieres que se vea tu anuncio.

  • Pujas y optimización.

Hay dos tipos de objetivos de optimización para elegir: “Conversión” y “Clic”.

  • “Clic”: su anuncio se facturará como CPC (costo por clic)
  • “Conversiones”: su método de oferta es oCPC (costo por clic de optimización) y el método de pago es CPC

Si optas por conversión actualmente incluso hay una herramienta en Beta que te indica una puja aproximada.

Puedes encontrar más información sobre como optimizar los objetivos aquí: https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=6729425348636704774

Si tienes mucha urgencia en obtener resultados o no es una campaña que requiera una duración determinada puedes seleccionar la opción: “acelerado” qué invierte tu presupuesto lo más rápido posible buscando los mejores resultados durante el periodo fijado.

  • 5) Configura tu anuncio final en TikTok:

Los anuncios de TikTok deben ser imágenes o vídeos en formato horizontal, vertical y cuadrado.

Los anuncios de TikTok deben ser imágenes o vídeos en formato horizontal, vertical y cuadrado Expand Close

El formato y las especificaciones de los anuncios varían según su ubicación. TikTok ofrece una buena guía de consulta sobre la especificación de anuncios gráficos y las especificaciones de anuncios de vídeo .

Hay tres opciones para cargar sus medios:

  • Cargar medios desde la computadora
  • Acceda a sus medios desde anuncios anteriores en TikTok
  • Crea un vídeo

TikTok nos ofrece varias posibilidades para crear nuestros vídeos, con idea de hacernos todo más sencillo:

  • 1) “Video Creation Kit”, que incluye plantillas de vídeo e imágenes personalizables, con más de 300 opciones de música de fondo sin coste.
  • 2) “Automated Creative Optimization”, te permitirá subir hasta 10 imágenes, 5 vídeos, 5 textos de anuncio y una llamada a la acción.

Una vez subido el vídeo puedes añadir un texto y una llamada a la acción. Esta llamada a la acción debe de ser una de estas opciones:

  • Descargar ahora
  • Aprende más
  • Compra ahora
  • Regístrate
  • Contáctenos
  • Aplica ya
  • Reservar ahora

Conclusión para crear una campaña de TikTok para bares y restaurantes:

A favor de TikTok: es una red en crecimiento, con gran potencial, única para alcanzar a un público joven y dispone de una plataforma publicitaria relativamente fácil de usar comparada con otras como por ejemplo Google Ads. Y cuenta con varias herramientas de ayuda para la creación de vídeos.

En contra, las campañas requieren una inversión mínima, que seguramente veremos disminuir con idea de “democratizar” la publicidad y aumentar los ingresos de la empresa.

Por lo tanto aun estamos a tiempo de dar a conocer nuestro Restaurante o Bar en una red de un gran crecimiento y que cuenta con un excelente posicionamiento entre los más jóvenes. Tenemos la oportunidad de tener visibilidad en TikTok sin una gran inversión publicitaria y donde hay poca competencia. Es una red donde nuestras propuestas pueden, con creatividad, eso no nos falta en este sector, funcionar muy bien.

En definitiva es una red en la que los Restaurantes y Bares deberían tener en cuenta para fidelizar y captar a sus clientes potenciales. Termino este artículo con algunas ejemplos de cuentas de TikTok de restaurantes.

Ejemplos de cuentas de TikTok de restaurantes:

  • Goiko Grill

@goiko.es🍔 LA DISCO 🍔 BOOM! La burger de agosto llena de música y mucho ÑAM. ¡Tan rica que se merece una coreografía! 🕺🏽💃🏽♬ sonido original – goiko.es

  • Chipotle

@chipotleHow to impress your chipotbae 101 ##chipotle ##tiktokrecipe ##avocadorose ##fyp♬ original sound – chipotle

  • McDonald´s

@mcdonaldsfranceTag ton collègue préféré pour la ##JournéeInternationaleDeLAmitié 🍔 ! ##mcdonalds ##mcdo ##fyp ##foryourpage ##pourtapage♬ MOTIVATIONNAL HAPPY TROPICAL SUMMER MOOD SAX – whitecedar

  • Burger King

@burgerkingyou want it? he got it. ##burgerking ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – burgerking

  • Pizza Hut

@pizzahutWe’re in the box. Where are you? 👀 ##StuffedCheezItPizza ##PizzaReveal @princewelcomematt♬ original sound – pizzahut

  • Starbucks

@sheiskingsSINGING MY STARBUCKS ORDER PT.3🙌🏼 ##Candy by ##DojaCat edition🍭☕️ big s/o to cayden:)) ##starbucks ##singing ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound – inhertower

  • Taco Bell

@tacobellIt’s the little things. @fromanmark ##tacobell ##wholesome ##fyp ##foryou♬ EXPERIENCE – Sean Redmond

  • Dunkin

@dunkinWhen worlds collide😜 Order The Charli on the Dunkin’ app. @charlidamelio @patreeky FTW👏 ##CharliRunsOnDunkin ##TheCharli ##dunkin♬ The Charli – dunkin

  • Wendy´s

@wendysit’s the 8 patties for me ##wendys ##secretmenu ##food @ricky.federici♬ original sound – wendys

  • Five Guys

@daddyaleksandr##fiveguys♬ Aw fuxck – daddyaleksandr

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