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How far they are willing to bring innovation fast food restaurants?


Who does not remember the KFC nail polish, we talked about in this newspaper recently? For this investigation following types of strategies that are halfway between the Disruptive marketing and innovation in gastronomy, time to reflect on how far you can get your culinary industry bets.

McDonald’s: ¿Gourmet burgers? Examples of the more unusual marketing strategies for restaurants fast food

If five years ago he was mentioned McDonald's, probably that name evoke the image of a fast food chain of mediocre quality. And if it gets a bit memory, perhaps still clearly you remember some of his most notorious food scandals.

If we analyze the launch campaigns latest news Clown signature (which has disappeared, except for the foundation that bears his name), We find a two-way attraction and retention: on the one hand, still they are betting the classics (Big Mac o los Happy Meal) with periodic reissues; at the other extreme initiatives burgers dress haute cuisine.

The first milestone was the Grand McExtrem By Peña, and they have recently launched the Grandma VS campaign Chef. All very joined the movement celebrity food show which they have led programs such as MasterChef O Nightmare in the kitchen, able to unseat classics prime time culinary as arguiñano to know adapted much better to the consumer mindset of generations X and Z.

"Cheese-plastic" she has given way to the soy sauce with kikos and a traditional tomato sauce that accompanies a green asparagus and mushrooms Japanese! What next will be a hamburger with spherifications? Time to time. What is clear is that if the consumer returns to sue such creations, he marketing work to satisfy their desires.

KFC: after nail polish and bronzers flavors, recharges us mobile

¿Genius or gamble? At the beginning of this article I talked about new trends in marketing for restaurants mentioning KFC, and it's time to get back to them with a new paradigmatic example.

Its about KFC Watt a Box, the final beaker to contain the fried chicken, drinks, and charge the phone while eating! Of course, fast food chains never cease to amaze. ¿Innovation pure marketing? It seems to be a matter of perspective.

To make matters worse, the cable box has both iPhone and Android, and it consists of an external battery that can be extracted for use anywhere. Do not evoke his famous cube 'print-fotos'?

What is the background of all this innovation?

All this invites the question: Why they are appearing as transgressive initiatives even in Spain, a country that is given great value to traditional food?

Globalization establishes new trends in virgin societies and consumer habits. Spain almost a century ago ceased to be the traditional market, but even today their society marveling at innovativeness of other markets like the US, which it seems to be years ahead.

There are several factors for the success of fast food chains in Spain (pricing policy, economic situation, new lifestyle), Y el neuromarketing It is one of the main. Not in vain, Spanish society has become more impulsive, animated by consumerism and advertising, so rescue childhood products, Reinvented as Cheetos… It is something tempting.

Fast-food restaurants: What will be its evolution?

Adapt this concept of fast and emotional consumption has been a logical consequence: massification of chains fast food. And again, This has created a climate of competitiveness, probably, It will be resolved in the board advertising and marketing.

What products will surprise us? Herein lies the crux of the matter. Because we can find pizza mixes with nachos, bronzers flavor chicken or even burgers with Cheetos.

The truth is that as advances Brent Dowling, CEO de RainTree in www.fool.com, “we will see new cases where marks fast food restaurants introduce in its offer products of other brands linked to own“, and adds, what “this innovation is encouraged by some customers demanding variety and surprises businesses”.

In any case, an uncertain future in which consumers demand and businesses adapt to your wishes portends. Therefore it is essential to think about. Where is the limit? Does this limit?

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