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Have I made the right decision in my restaurant?


One of the most recurrent concerns that employers, It is if you are deciding correctly at all times. During my lifelong learning as an entrepreneur, I was always aware of the limitation of resources are finite.

Thus, one must be aware that to apply resources to one or another project, a decision amending the future scenario is taken. Not all choices involve an allocation of resources, but always the decision, however small it is, generará una acción que modificará la realidad existente. As in all management, decisions are strung one after another, and of skipping one stage to another, building a new reality.

El proceso de análisis establece dónde estamos y hacia dónde queremos ir, and how we do it, although this path is not always as clear and as simple as it seems. The game of chance It is like a game of chess, but without rules, where the chips have their own life and do not always move the same.

At restaurants cooks sick and not come to work, rain scares us customers summery terraces, "Lady Mayoress" raises taxes to us and we change the closing times, as would Sheldon Cooper (protagonista de Big Bang Theory), "There are millions of different universes and must move within these possible".

If it is difficult to think of more than four moves in chess, what to say in life itself, where we're not even sure of the number of boxes or how the board. And if we're sure when the game starts, a month the council will begin a work at the door of our local, and we will want to hit him a slap-dash, throw all the cards and play a sport like tennis.

Because again and again the question returns. Have I made the right decision in my restaurant?…

How to know if you have made the right choice in our restaurant

However small it may seem, This has never been an easy question. Have I though the price of this wine? Did I do well regardless of Maria or hiring Marcos? Did you hire a Community Manager or arrangement kitchen? And so one after another, sometimes choosing where to put limited resources, other times just choosing the font of the letter, the color of the walls, the type of cuisine or issues that have nothing to do with economic resources. But never gives the same option, because each leads to a different place.

And this without living to know if we are doing the right thing, my guide have always been two parameters.

  1. Is this new reality brings me closer to the goal I want to achieve?
  2. Are you in tune with the vision that I have of my company?

So you have to know where we are going, Y visualize the possible new position before making the move, and I say possible because there is no certainty. Y we only make the move if we think will bring us closer to our goal.

In my textile past, I met a wholesaler in Amparo Street Lavapies castiza, handkerchiefs which was dedicated accessories, scarves, necklaces, etc. The place was called "Buny", at least so we called, I never knew if it was his name, much less where it was, aunque creo que de Siria. I never saw a price on their products, and always it seemed to me the most arbitrary how things charged. Once I asked him what was the criterion by which acted as I saw negotiations, even he participated ever, but caught him, the truth.

He told me: “Muy fácil , enter here 40 people per day or less, each has to leave me 50 euros profit,( Suppose the figure, have passed 30 years ), I do not care if they buy 100 the units 10.000 (remember it was wholesale)”

His aim was clear 50 euros per customer, Needless to say, he got rich in a few years. It was not an economist far, but It was clear two things, how many people came and how much to beat each client. I knew exactly what was the right decision, equally margin units 50 euros profit.

Make decisions in the field of restaurants

It seems at first glance that this example is difficult to extrapolate our sector, but I can assure you that it is not so. We must have a clear objective and make decisions that bring us to the same.

On the other hand, there is a component that our friend had clear, he timing decision, he could run smoothly in the negotiations because he had really learned. But what happens when It is required prior analysis, and sometimes extensive: Here is a danger that we must flee and that is quite common, we talk about “Parálisis por Análisis”.

Decide later it is terrible, Do you a bullfighter trying to give a chest pass after imagine they ram into the bull? That's decide later.

Muchos creen que deben analizar hasta el más mínimo detalle, they never have enough information; como si así eliminaran todos los riesgos when you are deciding later decide as bad as bad. ¿Se imaginan vender un postre cuando el cliente ya ha pedido la cuenta y se está poniendo el abrigo?. Or having to ordering meat supplier when the customer is already sitting at the table, because you are still comparing multiple price lists? "Paralysis by analysis" exists, and must never fall into it.

You should be able to make decisions with partial information, depending on the importance of it, and do not forget that intuition with which should complement is part of an unconscious analysis that has nothing to do with chance.

Intuition is knowledge applied part transiting a non-rational way, but it does not make it less certain. It involved his experience, His learning, y tal vez el aprendizaje que arrastramos en el ADN tras años de evolución.

Sometimes confused slowness, search the reasons analysis that do not appear in the first observation often leads, in most cases error. So my advice is to not delay its decision, hágala en tiempo y forma, thinking and measure how much closer the new reality of its goal.

Y do not let fears, phobias, the envy, affection, empathy, the ego, comfort and other intimate enemies hinder your decision making... but these enemies try another day, Dear reader.

About the Author

Benetti creator and Pecoraro, leader in Spain in the sale and distribution of Italian-Argentine products for restaurants and Director of Galiffi & Giacomo, business advisory and business consulting.


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