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HIP: born in Madrid the Congress Disruptive hospitality


There are 5 big issues which they are of utmost importance in our industry and in recent years, They have experienced a tremendous revolution, becoming cornerstones of our industry. Each of them is the backbone of the 5 Summits that we invite you to attend HIP, one of the essential events 2017, whose Congress have the pleasure of directing.

The former deals the complex world of shopping

Companies dedicated to accommodation and catering millionaire accounts accumulate power with suppliers, drinks, specialized machinery, technology or supplies of all kinds for the thousands of references that make up the catalog of requirements to provide good service.

The Purchasing Managers are a cornerstone when keeping a portion of budgets at bay, meet the needs of stock and anticipate consumer tastes to create competitive advantages offering products that provide added value and customer care call, fidelicen for quality and surprise to an increasingly demanding public.

The purchase price and haggling is a custom that is falling from the table and fortunately, the supplier becomes part of the team, an indispensable ally to achieve the goal of all hospitality organization: get both economic benefits and growth in customers and prestige.

The second major meeting is raised around EXPERIENCE

Experience with capital, because we do not sell beds hotel, but "a city break weekend", "Carefree family holidays" or "the most romantic destination in the world for a honeymoon". We do not offer a pittance or creating haute cuisine, but "the comfort of a quality-price menu near the office super" O "A dining experience" to tell real friends and virtual.

They are not hotel rooms the hotel which goes on sale, but "perfect spaces for teamwork". He new client milenial, familiar, single, senior, centenial; looking for experiences. attractive ways to spend your money for leisure, but it is also demanding on a daily basis.

Trends in new consumer habits and behavior, sensitivity to new stimuli, the best knowledge of a world accessible by land, mar, air, television and the Internet makes creating experiences is a challenge for hoteliers and restaurateurs, forced to seduce, love and customer re-love against the clock.

The third Summit is dedicated to marketing

This new experiential consumption is packaged and distributed differently a few years ago. Hence the third Summit, dedicated to marketing. A society, or connected societies populated by people who choose a mouse click, hipersaturadas of information and a constantly renewed, He has become marketing a key element in our industry.

The needed omnicanalidad to reach all consumers, expertise in segmenting and processing of fresh and attractive content are critical for the product (either a hotel bed, restaurant table the function room) Venda is well. The new players of online distribution, Reputation management before, during and after of the purchase require new forms of work and new equipment include multidisciplinary science involved in the effectiveness of marketing machinery.

The fourth summarizes the spirit of Congress

In an event called HOSPITALITY INNOVATION PLANET, the innovation deserved preferential place in the panel session. It is part of the agenda any company or professional and has become a mantra repeated in any department.

Pensar, idear, crear nuevos productos, servicios o procedimientos nuevos para una empresa o buscar la mejora de los que ya existen es el objetivo de cualquier equipo. Y desde hace poco, a la innovación se le debe sumar otro concepto: la disrupción. Un término que utilizamos para nombrar a aquello que produce una ruptura brusca y en un sentido simbólico, en referencia a algo que genera un cambio muy importante o determinante.

Vivimos al galope de cambios incesantes que marcan un ritmo al que hay que sumarse y sobre todo entender. En este Summit, el objetivo es plantear formas de pensar innovadoras. Explorar la actitud disruptiva que permite visualizar los cambios sin miedo.

En quinto lugar, el ingrediente que da sentido a todo: las personas

Porque contar con procesos y métodos de compras competentes, experiencias memorables, un arrollador presupuesto de marketing o grandes dosis de innovación y disrupción no es suficiente. De ello trata el quinto Summit, del ingrediente que hace que todo tenga sentido, que la visión de empresa sea una realidad y los objetivos se cumplan: las personas.

Somos, afortunadamente y con gran orgullo, un sector de personas en el que trabajamos codo a codo sumando la multiculturalidad y singularidad que conforman los nuevos equipos. Cada uno de nosotros somos anfitriones de un hotel, de un restaurante, una marca, una forma de entender la hospitalidad. Anfitriones de los clientes que buscan el resultado del departamento de compras, del de marketing, del de innovación.

El Congreso se cerrará con una sesión dedicada a los Equipos, Talento y el Liderazgo, donde analizar el rol de los directivos como grandes inspiradores, descubrir las nuevas profesiones del futuro y la mejor forma de encontrar talento, motivar y formar a los profesionales de la industria.

HIP es un evento indispensable para las empresas y profesionales de la hostelería, con la presencia de marcas como:

Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Mahou, Campofrío, Calidad Pascual, Unilever, Oracle, Diageo, JustEat, 10Restaurantes, El Tenedor, Supracafé, WMF, Europastry, Proyecto 51, Franke, Bonduelle, HennyPenny, Taylor, Thermodyne, Jura, Unox, Puig Aguilar, Cafés Templo, Eurofrits, IP+d, Glassforever, Eurochef, entre otros…

El Congreso HOSPITALITY 4.0 será un foro de conocimiento con los 5 Summits y más de 50 sesiones paralelas con más de 120 ponentes internacionales de la talla de Michael Whiteman, Joan Roca, Daniel Newman, Diego Coquillat, Marius Robles o Misha Zelman.

Si necesitas información personal sobre este evento ponte en contacto con redaccion@diegocoquillat.com

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Investigadora de tendencias, innovación y estrategia, consultora y conferenciante. Directora del Hospitality 4.0 Congress para HIP Madrid. Fundadora y Directora de HorecaSpeakers. Profesora del Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE y otras escuelas de negocios. Autora del Manual para Neo Hosteleros Valientes.



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