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Planet Hospitality Innovation has become the new annual summit for the sector Horeca

  • More than 12.900 professionals, HIP closing its first edition surpassing the expectations of participation, becoming the annual reference event for the sector of hotels and restaurants and leaving an economic impact of more than 14 millions of euros
  • In the day yesterday, Restoration brands held its annual meeting Restaurant Trends, the largest forum currently exists to present the key market trends
  • Joan Roca closing HIP 2017 remembering how important it is to stay connected with the roots, with tradition, for towards innovation, and modern

Hospitality Innovation Planet (HIP), trade show for industry Horeca, It has closed its doors with a total of 12.927 professionals, figure has surpassed all initial expectations for this first edition, leaving,Besides, an economic impact of more than 14 million euros in Madrid.

"They were three very intense days, where as president of HIP I can say that we have succeeded in creating an inclusive concept where we have decided to unify several key meetings for the sector Horeca: Restaurant Trends annual forum, the Horeq fair and Road Show Bar Ideas. further, We have designed 5 Full-focused marketing summits, innovation, shopping and leadership 50 conferences and more 215 national and international speakers who have contributed all his knowledge to the sector to continue this recovery ".

José Andrés in HIP

"The perception of our exhibitors this first edition is that it has exceeded their expectations of business, It made us great pride ", Hugo Rovira, Director General of NH Hoteles for Spain, Portugal, US and Andorra and president of HIP.

Among the most outstanding presentations and activities yesterday by more than 200 Exhibiting companies involved in HIP, highlight the report Global Hospitality Insights: 10 trends 2017 from EY, which they identify the Big Data & Analytics, cybersecurity and international investment, among the top ten trends in the hospitality sector 2017.

Likewise, between sessions stars Hospitality 4.0 Congress this last day, emphasize on one hand the Innovation Summit with the presentation of the consultant Michael Whiteman on new trends in USA that will transform restaurants in Europe; Marius Robles, with his paper The morning menu: 30 concepts, ideas, startups and technologies that will change our perception; Mikhail Zelman, one of the most famous restaurateurs in London, with his paper Monoproduct the idea of ​​global business; Y Daniel Newman, with his paper The real driver of the digital transformation: experiences and people.

Diego Coquillat and Chef Jose Andres HIP

"Smart Kitchen, vertical farming, biohackers, artificial intelligence, 3D printing food, uberización restaurants, connected refrigerators, insects, robots, born food laboratory and field not ... Eatnomics, the new food economy, born marked by the penetration of new technologies, changes in consumer behavior, the rise of startups, new collaborative models in the food sector and the entry of players like Google or Amazon ", Marius Robles explained in his paper. “

On the other hand, note also the Summit Teams, Talent&Leadership, conducted by Domenech Biosca, co-president of the Spanish Confederation of Journalists and Writers of Economy and Tourism and President (Acper Y draw). further, Seha received presentations by Fernando Gallardo, journalist, Writer, lecturer and analyst of trends and new concepts in tourism.; Y Abel Valverde Pareras, maitre restaurant Santceloni, among others.

Restaurant Trends, promoting the development of the catering industry

The Asociation Restoration brands yesterday celebrated the eighth edition of its annual meeting Restaurant Trends within the framework of Hospitality 4.0 Congress. Responsible for the largest restaurant chains and other multi-sectoral entities organized exchanged views on trends and key industry experiences and analyze corporate sustainability and franchise value.

According to Octavio Llamas, Restoration Brands president and Autogrill Iberia and president of HIP, "The catering industry in Spain is one of the largest generators of wealth and employment. In the last three years, The restoration has created 192.000 jobs, It is the sector that has created more jobs. Within the catering sector, the companies that make beverage brands are a key driver for these positive results and employ 140.000 personas.A along its path, Restaurant Trends has become one of the top national meetings restoration, reinventing each time with new proposals that are in line with the modern spirit and innovative brands Restoration.

Restaurant Trends has become the largest national gathering of restoration and Hospitality Innovation Plantet is the perfect setting in which to develop and grow this congress in the coming years, and comply, at the same time, with our goal of driving the transformation and development of the channel ".

Joan Roca HIP

As finale, Joan Roca all attendees told the story of how she turned a neighborhood bar on the outskirts of Gerona in a dream factory with her two brothers Josep and Jordi thanks to a cuisine based innovation and curiosity, turn playing with imagination and fantasy. "We Remain in the same place for years allows us to be connected with the roots of which come, with tradition. And that comes very well to evolve towards modernity. But, always, recovering the taste of classic cuisine that is almost lost. Live a complete dining experience "said Joan Roca.

"In the neighborhood is the restaurant we were born and remain there for years. A place that has allowed us to, especially, become an engine of economic growth and environmental impact directly on. We contribute to its growth but also to the image of excellence that projects beyond our borders Spain. "

Roca also recalled that leave "thinking and doing new things. But they are always things we like and above all faithful to the idea with which we were born. Not lose the essence that holds us together: enjoy what we do, enjoy gastronomy. That's why we rejected, even, El Celler offers to replicate in other countries. "

In a continuous reinvention of the environment, Roca admits that "we seek innovation -through research and technologies developed by ourselves- both in the development of the culinary experience we offer customer, and management do El Celler.

Listen to the team and channel the talent we have at home. So we've built training sessions and dialogue with the aim of managing the stress own this business. And we have achieved great results in the quality of work. "

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